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12 Effective Home Remedies for Anemia

28 Feb

(Submit Articles) Anemia refers to a medical condition when the red blood cells (RBC) count falls below normal or the hemoglobin level drops. When hemoglobin falls below 13.5 grams/100 ml, a male is considered anemic. In females, it is below 12.0 grams/100 ml. Red blood cells produced in bone marrow have a normal life span […]

12 Effective Herbal Remedies for Liver Diseases

21 Feb

(Submit Articles) The liver in the body is an important organ and has important function like detoxification of the body, hormone production, plasma protein synthesis and production of biochemical required for digestion. Therefore a liver is an essential organ in the body. Any disruption in the functioning of the liver can cause illness. Since liver […]

Use Effective Herbs for Liver Diseases Natural Cure

09 Feb

(Submit Articles) The term Liver disease, also known as hepatic disease refers to all kinds of disorders related to our liver. As for instance, diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, budd-chiari syndrome, gilbert’s syndrome, etc are all come under the same term. One can identify their diseased liver from a number of symptoms that are […]

Use Effective Herbs for Anxiety Natural Relief

04 Feb

(Submit Articles) Anxiety is a very common feeling, people experience it everyday. This state of being worried usually occurs while dealing with stressful situations. Work, peer pressure, family, relationship problems, etc leads to this state commonly. Anxiety divides in two parts – normal and pathological. Latter one mostly occurs without any serious reason, that‘s why […]

Use Effective Natural Cold Remedies and Treatments

26 Jan

(Submit Articles) Common cold can strike a person few times in year and can stay for three to ten days each time that is why natural remedies are sought in place of pharmaceuticals and drugs as natural treatment does not cause any adverse effect on prolonged and frequent use. Common cold is caused due to […]

Use Effective Natural Remedies for Gout

22 Jan

(Submit Articles) Natural remedies for gout have gained in popularity due to severe side effects of drugs and pharmaceuticals in long run and regular use. On the other hand natural remedies for gout not only provide treatment without any side effects even after regular and long term use but perhaps much better and effective cure […]

Simple and Best Home Remedies for Nephritis

21 Jan

(Submit Articles) Nephritis is an inflammation of one or both kidneys. It is a very serious disease and even can become a cause of death if is not treated carefully at the right time. Usually this disease strikes for children and teenagers, though anyone can get sick. Acute and chronic nephritis are two common types […]

3 Effective Home Remedies for Lumbago That Work

15 Jan

(Submit Articles) Lumbago or lower back pain, also known as backache is a very common disorder related to our muscles and skeleton. The name is such because the main area of pain is located in between the ribs and hipbones (lumbar region). According to Wikipedia, about 80% people used to suffer from this disorder at […]

Effective Home Remedies for Leucoderma or Vitiligo

14 Jan

(Submit Articles) Leucoderma or vitiligo is a special disorder of skin, which is characterized by white-patches. It is a skin disease in which some areas of our skin become white due to the gradual depigmentation or loss of melanin from skin layer. The pigment melanin is the most important element of human skin that accounts […]

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones, Symptoms and Causes

10 Jan

(Submit Articles) Kidney stones or nephrolithiasis are the most usual problem of the kidney. It is also known as ureterolithiasis (stones in ureter) or urolithiasis (stones in urinary tract). Such stones are hard lump formed by the concretion of mineral salts in urine inside the kidney or urinary tract. Our urine has the properties that […]

Improve Memory Quickly With Proven Herbal Remedies

08 Jan

(Submit Articles) In medical terminology, memory refers to an organism’s ability to store in brain, information and recall those information later. The processing of information in our brain goes through three primary stages: encoding or registering of information, storage or permanent retaining of information and retrieval or recollection of information at the availability of some […]

Conjunctivitis Symptoms Causes and Proven Home Remedies

21 Dec

(Submit Articles) Conjunctivitis is an eye disorder caused due to the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is the membrane lining the eyelids and encapsulating the exposed surface of the eye ball. The conjunctiva is prone to infection because bacteria often throng the eye lids all the way down to the shaft of the eye lashes, […]

Boils Symptoms Causes and Proven Home Remedies

20 Dec

(Submit Articles) Boils are painful and localized inflammations on the skin, caused due to the infection of Staphylococcus bacteria. They appear as red nodules and swellings of varying sizes, filled with pus accompanied by pain. The hair follicles of the skin get infected, which results in the localized inflammation. People of all age groups are […]

Anxiety Causes Symptoms and Proven Home Remedies

16 Dec

(Submit Articles) Anxiety has tip-toed into almost every individual’s life these days. Only the degree of anxiety varies from person to person. It is definitely an adverse effect of the modern ways of living. Before the advent of modernity, life, all would agree, was difficult, slow yet peaceful, but as time rolled on, we got […]