By posting news or articles about you and your business in Google News or any other search engines, you stand a fairly good chance of generating traffic to your site. The more people see you and read about you, the more chances that a percentage of that number will gravitate to you. The more people read about you, the higher the number of visits you will have. Besides, just being in Google News is a really big deal, and people know that if you are in Google News, you are worth the space they give you. It means you are a force to be reckoned with. You are upcoming.

Because a press release can be sent out in the form of a news article rather than a paid advertisement or review, the cost for advertising done through a press release is often very low, if not completely free.

If your press release becomes popular, then the results could also lead to other websites linking to your site. Your press release would then have also succeeded in creating the much envied “linkbait“.

Many services online, such as “12 Press Release“ , "World Press Release" or “Free Press Release“ will publish your press release totally free ““ therefore continuing the idea that you can get a great amount of exposure with little or no investment apart from your input.

But don’tbe fooled, press releases do take time, and perhaps practice as well. First of all, you need a concise and catchy headline.

Whether it’s an intriguing question or an interesting statistic, you need something in your headline that will catch the eyes of both the web journalists and the web readers alike.

Once you have written a good press release, go ahead and send it out to as many of the best press release websites and companies and see how much traffic you can gain for free!

In addition to submitting your press release to print and television media, you should take advantage of the press release sites that the web has to offer, both free and paid are available. There are many free press release websites for you to take advantage of. They create free backlinks to your website which helps with search engine optimization (SEO). Just make sure you follow each site’s guidelines for submission carefully, or else your press release will be rejected by the editor.

The press release that gets published on one of the media outlets will have your website link provided within it. Those who have reviewed your release and want more information will click through the link or check out the website.

Once the optimized press release is distributed, it gets picked up on various sites and channels including news search engines such as Google news and Yahoo! news. Every time another website picks up the press release, it reproduces the release along with all of your keywords and links. This has the effect of generating widespread backlinks (links back to your site).

Press releases are one of the most powerful publicity tools available today for all business owners. Use it to your advantage and join all the other successful internet marketers who have use press releases many times in the past with very positive results.

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