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I Do I Keep Seeing “44”, “11”

01 Sep

Worldwide Phenomenon Revealed! Numerous Individuals Keep Seeing “44”, “11” Or “911”! Find out Why! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Miracle Alternatives, LLC â„¢. James Matthew. Phone: 1.888.870.5581. [email protected] Chicago, IL United States. We Offer Holistic Health Machines! If you keep seeing the numbers “44”, “11” and or “911” you are not alone. Additionally, consider on your […]

Stop The Mind Control!

15 May

Mind Control & EMF Weapons Are Real! (New Anti-Mind-Control-Hat). FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:. Miracle Alternatives, LLC â„¢. James Matthew. Phone: 1.888.870.5581. [email protected] New Lenox Il, 60451 USA. We Sell Holistic Health Machines! This is not sci-fi. Mind Control is really real and also is really dangerous! Nevertheless, say goodbye to worries. There is a brand-new […]

Getting To Know Jyotish Astrology

15 Mar

Summary Jyotish Astrology in India is popularly known as Vedic Astrology. Jyotish is the study of the planets ,the word Jyotish from the Sanskrit word jyotish meaning light, heavenly body. Body Jyotish astrology (derived from the Sanskrit word jyotisa meaning light, heavenly body) is the Vedic system of astrology. It is also sometimes called as […]

Web 2.0 meets Spirituality: Technology startup BitWine Introduces the Online Psychic Network – Tarot Readings by Professional Online Psychics

30 Dec

Can psychic mediums really see the future? Do psychic readings really work? New Online Psychic Network by BitWine invites everyone to try for themselves, hassle-free via live Internet psychic chat technology Tenafly, NJ (PRWEB) December 22, 2009 — Every day, millions of people turn to psychic readings for personal guidance, but until recently they were […]

Accurate Psychics Do Exist But How Do You Find Them?

28 Dec

Accurate psychics are easy to spot once you know the secret to finding them. Psychics offer their services in many ways and how they do this is vitally important. Understand the 4 different types of psychics: Psychics in Stores You will have psychics that work out of metaphysical stores generally at the weekends. This type […]

How to Spot a Fraudulent Psychic

24 Dec

There are a number of psychic scams and all of then are despicable. If you come across any of these services on offer you are looking at a fake psychic who is only interested in helping you fill their wallet. 1. Love potions: Guaranteed to bring back and your partner every time. Save your money […]

How Do Psychic Medium Readings Actually Work?

18 Dec

Psychic medium readings are actually quite controversial. Does the psychic medium really tune in to peoples spirits that have passed over? In fact even psychic mediums disagree who they actually tune into. Some mediums claim to tune in to god, others will say they tune in to a spirit guide or angel or a higher […]

A Journey into the Unknown. Book by new British author explores life in modern society and the criminal underworld.

14 Dec

Book excerpt from A Journey into the Unknown. CHAPTER 10 NIGHTMARE ON MARE STREET Mare Street, London, birth place of The Bastard. The eye opener, trough of all peaks that is assuming there were any real peaks before he relocated. The perfect hide out for such a stand out professional, harboring some of the street’s […]

Becky\’s Prayer

17 Aug

BECKY’S PRAYER The same scenario has been played out year after year. Families plan regular trips up north at Christmastime in search of the perfect Christmas tree. They trek into the woods with ax in hand searching until they find it. After it’s been located, chopped down and carried back it is then securely fastened […]

Chabad Lubavitch

10 Aug

he Rebbe as Moshiach Criteria Revisited Among the various codes of Jewish Law, Maimonides singularly estab¬lishes criteria by which to identify Moshiach. For the Jew, only someone who meets these criteria could possi¬bly be Moshiach (the Messiah) and actually bring the promised world of good. Let\’s review this definitive ruling by Maimonides on the identity […]