(Submit Articles) In 2008, the Obama campaign promised not to take guns away from homeowners. In fact, during a political event in Pennsylvania, our soon to be president stated “If you have got a gun in your house, I am not taking it!’’ Gun owners around the nation cheered; happy they would be able to protect their families in the event of a burglary.

However, There Are Certain Places Guns Will Always Be Unwanted And Here Are Just a Few:

  • A family picnic at your local park
  • School (ever heard of Columbine?)
  • Sporting events
  • Your favorite fancy restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter)
  • To a funeral (it is just awkward and unnecessary)

Gun ownership has always been one of the most controversial and difficult issues in American politics. The issue is connected to an individual’s right to own a gun and gun violence on the streets. Is our right to own a gun the underlying cause of the murders taking place in our nation? It is hard to say. But, if gun owners took more responsibility for the guns in their possession then the wrong people would have less access to them. One key way to do this is to make sure that you always lock your gun up in a home safe, car safe or traveling safe.

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