(Submit Articles) When the Astronauts went to the moon they survived on Freeze Dried Food. This was because it has such a low weight and volume and it could be reconstituted using recycled water. This amazing food is now readily available to everyone from the average householder, just looking for something that is quick to make, but still has all the nutritional content of a home cooked meal, to the professional sports person/Explorer for whom the weight and nutritional content of their food is vital to their survival.

The process of Freeze Drying food is quite complicated and can be very time consuming and the machines used to carry out the process can often be very large and technically complex.

In order to freeze dry food it first has to be frozen so the water separates off from the other material as ice crystals. A vacuum is then created in the drying chamber of the machine that radically lowers the boiling point of the frozen water. The chamber is then heated, whilst under vacuum, resulting in the promotion of a process known as sublimation, in which the ice comes away from the food as vapour rather than melting. On completion of this process the food is left dry, but still retains the original cell structure, resulting in all the ingredients, including minerals, vitamins and nutrients remaining intact.

The beauty of Freeze Dried Food is that it has an amazing longevity and most companies who sell Freeze Dried Food list the “ËœBest Before’ date as between two and five years from the date of production. So at any time and in most places, with the aid of a thermos of boiling water, you can produce a Gourmet meal that is quick, easy and full of goodness.

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