(Submit Articles) Manassas,Virginia - Maid American Style has launched a brand new cleaning service that offers valuable service to pregnant women and new mothers. This new baby cleaning service will provide new mothers with a sense of peace and more time to relax and enjoy valued time with their families and newborns. Maid American Style will prepare the home and keep it ready to welcome the newborn. Everyone knows that bringing home a new baby involves a lot of preparation. It is vital that the newborn gets a clean and safe environment to sleep, grow and call home. Mike Smith the Director of Sales at Maid American Style in northern Virginia says “our goal is to provide an all-inclusive program where Pregnant women and new mothers can experience a worry-free Maid and cleaning service. We have designed packages focused on pregnant women while listening carefully to their concerns and needs while going through and after pregnancy“.

Maid American Style which is one of the most trusted names in residential and commercial cleaning services purpose is to help women by offering impeccable cleaning services during this precious time. Jennifer in Arlington, VA states “words cannot express what a comfort it was to not have to worry about doing laundry or house cleaning after delivering our first baby, thank you M.A.S“.

Maid American Style is a Full service cleaning company that offers all types of cleaning services to include Residential cleaning, Apartment cleaning and Commercial Cleaning services. Their wide range of services also includes Office cleaning and Janitorial cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Laundry Services, Window Cleaning, Junk Removal Services and more. You may review a complete list of services by visiting their website at www.MaidAmericanStyle.com. The new baby cleaning service in particular has received a great welcome amongst its customers. “Kimberly, from D.C. states “this is just a valuable service as I was not able to find any other company that caters to offering Maid and cleaning services to pregnant woman. I don’tknow what I would have done without them“. As part of this new service, Maid American Style also offers labor and delivery packages, bed rest services and in-home diaper service for the new mothers.

Maid American Style offers green cleaning services which are non-toxic to you and your baby. In addition they also use HEPA vacuums and special microfiber dusting cloths to ensure a deep safe clean. Indeed this is a very thoughtful cleaning service provided by Maid American Style earning them an excellent reputation while offering excellent cleaning services.

Maid American Style offers competitive and affordable package prices. I have found this company to be one of the most competitively priced cleaning companies in the area. Their top-quality cleaning services are never compromised despite their low prices. For more information please visit www.MASClean4MyBaby.com.

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