(Submit Articles) Nuremberg, Germany (November 10, 2010) ““ Nash Technologies, a key European R&D service provider, announced availability of adding Texas Instruments’ Incorporated (TI) TMS320C66x digital signal processors (DSPs) core based silicon to its portfolio of supporting leading edge technologies. Given the tremendous compute performance and power efficiency of this device, Nash Technologies envisions a fit for TI’s C66x devices in a growing number of markets and applications in addition to the telecommunications segment.

In addition to W-CDMA and LTE physical layer infrastructure on TI’s TCI6616 System-on-Chip (SoC) base station, Nash Technologies will support TI’s customers by providing software development and system test and integration services, based on their wide experience gained by using TI’s C64x DSPs in various software projects and test-system products. This includes Nash Technologies’ PHY control layer software and generic TMS320C6000TM middleware software, which allows seamless testing of TMS320C64xâ„¢ and C66x DSPs software on the target device as well as on Linux-based host-machines.

“The TCI6616 SoC base station and C6670 device from TI combine the new C66x DSP floating point cores with extremely innovative hardware accelerators that support integrating or even interweaving hardware and software functions,“ said Karsten de Freese, program manager, Nash Technologies. “Combining this with new silicon features like the groundbreaking system interconnect and hardware queue management, will significantly benefit multi-waveform, software defined deployments. The enhanced processing power of TI’s C66x based SoCs will help system designers build smaller, more efficient and less power consuming systems.“

“In addition to telecom, TI’s C66x multicore DSPs provide outstanding performance for applications such as defense and public safety, medical and high end imaging, test and automation and other applications requiring high performance“, said Jochen Schyma, business development manager, TI. “Nash Technologies software and test and validation services further enable customers to accelerate their time to market with compelling solutions.“

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Nash Â  Technologies, Â  based Â  in Â  Germany, Â  is Â  a Â  solution Â  provider Â  in Â  the communication technology sector. The combination of long term experience in telecommunication projects  and  the  continuous  involvement  in  leading  edge  projects,  enables  Nash Technologies  to  provide  best  in  class  solutions. The services of Nash Technologies comprise of the development, optimization, support and testing of telecommunication networks. The  technology  covers  GSM,  UMTS  and  LTE based  systems  as  well  as  various wireline standards  such Â Ã‚  as Â Ã‚  ISDN, Â Ã‚  IMS  and  other Â Ã‚  IP  based  systems. Â Ã‚  Major labs Â Ã‚  owned Â Ã‚  by Nash Technologies are available for  client  projects.  Consultancy  covering the  entire  software  development  cycle  complete  the  portfolio  offered  by Nash Technologies. www.nashtech.com

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