(Submit Articles) Last week we made an important effort to summarize and guide you through the process by which the BCS chooses its No. 1 team each week. We even went far enough as to make some pointers on how the AP poll works. Although it is not taken into consideration for the BCS Rankings, the AP Poll is still the most prestigious, human based poll in the nation, so we went on to briefly explain how that poll works. Now, what does that mean for the NCAA Football betting fan, well that’s when it can get tricky.
For starters, so far this season, the No.1 rank hasn’treally been so much a sign of a team’s great overall performance, but some sort of indelible omen that forces it to lose its winning streak has come. So Auburn now has to do what Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma couldn’t: make it to No. 1 and stay there.
The No.1 ranked team has fall in the last three consecutive weeks. Not only would Auburn have to deal with this No. 1 curse, but, hit the road and visit none other then Ole Miss. And then there is the strength of the schedule to put into the mix bag. The Auburn Tigers have had a very demanding couple of weeks that have boosted up its performance and stamina, but have also played very physically demanding matches that could be now their worst enemy. The motivation is there: but is the fuel still plenty?
Auburn has already played two nationally ranked teams this month. First they took down No. 6 LSU and then finished off No. 12 Arkansas proving that the Tigers are a solid contestant when playing at home. And yet they now have to hit the road and play at Ole Miss. Here is the thing. I have a feeling that the Tigers are in serious need of some rest, and it is certainly not happening this week. The Auburn Tigers is one of the four teams in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) that’s scheduled to play its 9th consecutive game this weekend. That is 9 weeks without a BYE week and coming from two consecutive games against nationally ranked teams.
As of press time, Auburn is expected to hold on to the No.1 spot of the BCS rankings. If not in the best odds considering what happened to Oklahoma, Alabama and Ohio State, the Auburn Tigers are a -7 point favorite on the spread against Mississippi. Now, the chains are expected to be moving quite a bit as the line movers at NCAA Football betting industry leaders Betias.com have set the total at over/under 61 flat.
Key for the Auburn Tigers success rest mostly in what quarterback Cam Newton can put together on the offensive end. Should the Tigers be able to keep on with their winning streak against Mississippi, things will only go uphill from there. The Tigers will go on to face Georgia at home on November 13 and then get its well-deserved BYE week. But sure enough, the Tigers can put their guard down as the following week they will have to face no other then the Crimson Tide.

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