Max Steingart’s "Endless Free Leads System" guides Network Marketers to the perfect prospect every time from first contact to recruiting new partners into their businesses using Facebook, MySpace and many other sites.

Miami, FL, February 04, 2010 -- "Network Marketing Leads Expert" Max Steingart makes Social Networking for profit the perfect tool for anyone building a business online or off.

"Never again will the Network Marketer have to make a list of friends, family or associates." My "Endless Free Leads System could put their business on overdrive with fresh new prospects," stated Steingart.

While others are using Social Networking sites for fun, the serious business builder will be prospecting and discovering Internet gold.

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Max Steingart is considered by many as the "Father of Social Networking," is a respected author, motivational speaker, Social Networking Expert and Trainer. He can offer your audience advice on all areas of building your business with no cash outlay once you begin using his system.

Steingart has written six books and hundreds of articles about Internet prospecting, online relationship building, and rejection free selling. He's been a contributor and participant to many of the recognized online training forums. His online daily motivational messages; "Your Daily Motivation," has inspired millions of people since 1997. More information on Steingart can be found at:

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Max Steingart has created a Social Networking system that includes his famous online Boot Camp that reveals the secrets to building relationships on Social networking sites. His system helps Network marketers create Endless Free Leads to build their businesses faster than they ever have before. Many of his students recruit hundreds within months and swear by his system.

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