(Submit Articles) The Dallas Cowboy are having some serious issues. Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips and the offensive coordinator Jason Garret were blaming each other for the very unsuccessful offensive play that cost them the win last week against the Washington Redskins. Don’tmind Tony Romo’s 282 passing yards. At the end, in the last play and only 6 points under, the Cowboys had a chance to win it. Romo completed a pass to Roy Williams who was open in the end zone. But there was a yellow flag. There was a holding on Alex Barron. Washington could finally celebrate.
This time around, neither Garret nor Wade Phillips had too many to blame. The team is not working, the game plans are week, and let’s face it, the Chicago Bears were able to brake pass the Cowboys defense like if it was a knife into butter. Wade’s defense had nothing to against the Bears, and that cost him the 27-10 loss against the Chicago Bears.
Let’s put this into perspective. The Cowboys defense had not allowed a single touchdown in three-consecutive regular season games. Jay Cutler, the Bears touchdown, had some issues at the beginning of the game. He certainly was found running for dear life when, early in the game, Cowboys’ linebackers DaMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer had a chance to rough him up a little. As if that was not enough troubles for the Bear’s offensive, the left tackle, Chris Williams was injured in the first quarter.
Now, here is the thing that is a bit upsetting for the Cowboys fans. The 45th annual edition of the NFL championship game, the Super Bowl XLV will be held in the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington Texas. But, those local fans are probably not going to be cheering for the home team, as the Cowboys are not playing as they are expected to. At least not if they are really hoping to make it to the post-season, and then keep on with some rhythm into the conference finals and the Super Bowl.
Now, the Cowboys were a 3.5 favorite against the Washington Redskins. And hoping that the team would make use of their hometown advantage and play much harder against the Chicago Cubs, they once again were the favorite against the Bears. The sporstbook industry had set the handicap at -7 points in the spread. Now, this time around, it seems inevitable that they have to go out there and bring a victory. Now, considering their below par performance, thing have changed around for next week when it comes to betting in the NFL.
As of press time, on their next match against the Houston Texans, the Dallas Cowboys are +3 point underdog although laying -120. The Cowboys need to step up and bring on their A-game. The diehard fan might not loose its hope and remember their 0-2 season start of 1993, when the team not only made a complete recovery, and but made it into the postseason and kept its momentum to win the Super Bowl. It is not the same scenario, that’s for sure. But if the Cowboys have any real aspiration for the national title, they have to start by taking the Houston Texans down.

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