(Submit Articles) Leading recruitment technology solutions provider Swiftpro released a new addition for CVPlus Visual software package this month that every recruiter will find worthwhile.

The new version of CVPlus offers Outlook-style reminders that pop up on screen at specified times, to remind the person they have something that requires attention. The feature allows recruiters to always keep track of client meetings, candidate interviews, or other deadlines while continuing to work from CVPlus.

Pop-up alerts are particularly useful in the current employment market, where recruitment agencies are facing larger volumes of job applications while the resources been static or even reduced. Just like with Outlook, a user is reminded of a task while working on something else. The feature effectively removes the need to switch to Outlook to schedule appointments and reminders, as everything can be done directly from CVPlus. This, in turn, saves more time for recruiters to focus on core activities.

Alerts can also be scheduled for other users. This is extremely useful in situations where the person takes a call for a colleague who must call back or follow up in the future. Just like in Outlook, alerts can be “Ëœsnoozed’ ““ or rescheduled to come up in the future if the user is too busy, with times ranging from five minutes to two weeks.

Several of Swiftpro’s clients have piloted the feature, and in the coming months all of them will benefit from the roll out. Once again,
Switpro understood the daily challenges that recruiters face, and enhanced their software to help them manage the workload more effectively.

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