The Fasano group has announced recently that they are again starting work on the development of their neighboring building. The development will create a further 20 guest rooms, including a huge presidential suite (to respond to the increasingly large entourages of the increasing number of international celebrities who are visiting the city), as well as a full sized rooftop swimming pool and another bar, which as with the Fasanoâ€â„¢s Barreto in Sao Paulo, or Londra in Rio de Janeiro, will undoubtedly quickly become a popular haunt Brazilian and foreign celebrities alike. Although they have been in possession of the property for some years, the project was put on hold during the recent â€Ëœcrisisâ€â„¢ times, but has been taken up again with gusto in response in particular to the increasing number of leisure visitors to the city. According to luxury travel company Dehoucheâ€â„¢s concierge, who makes a point of always having his finger on the pulse of this trend-setting city, Fasano insiders have been saying that they could have sold these new rooms twice over in the last few months (even though its low season), and 40% of requests have been from international (largely US) tourists, travelling for pleasure not business.

Sao Paulo may long have been the premier business destination in South America, in its role as the continentâ€â„¢s economic powerhouse, but it is only in recent years that tourists have begun to appreciate the cityâ€â„¢s more laid back side. For much the same reasons people visit New York, the main draw to Sao Paulo is its restaurants, nightclubs and plentiful culture – from the ever bigger SP fashion week, open-air concerts in Ibirapuera park, street theatre on Avenida Paulista, to London style impromptu but very much gentrified â€Ëœravesâ€â„¢ in abandoned warehouses.

As always national tourism is leading the trend, also encouraged by a current TV campaign from the Sao Paulo council, but the rest of the world hasnâ€â„¢t been slow to catch on, and Dehouche is receiving an ever increasing number of requests to include the city in their itineraries - surprisingly mostly from city dwellers themselves in New York, LA and London. As always Dehouche clients are armed with an up to date list of goings on in the city to make sure they are in all the right places at the right time, and nowhere else does a concierge service come in quite as handy, whether its securing tickets to the opening of the latest art sensation, or booking a table at one of the cityâ€â„¢s top nightclubs.

Dehouche will hand pick the perfect hotel room or private villa for you, and if you fancy your own speedboat no problem, Dehouche has all the connections and know how to make sure you get right to the heart of the action.

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