When people entrust their personal belongings for storing at self storage facilities, they expect the security to be water tight. The facility providers understand the concerns of their clients and ensure that they have the latest in security systems installed. Alarms on unit doors, secure locks, smoke and fire detectors, water sprinklers ““ this is the bare minimum they expect from the storing facilities.

What They Offer

Most self storage facilities offer much more. The exterior ““ the grounds and along the perimeter - as well as the interiors of the facilities are well lit.

Many top of the line storing facilities install state-of-the-art security systems. It starts from the gate where the access into the storing facility is through electronically controlled gate with a keypad access code. Some even have biometric access installed. Entry into the facility is through fingerprint identification only. These systems ensure that there is no unauthorized access into the facility.

In addition, many facilities have installed video surveillance cameras at strategic places in the facility. These surveillance cameras monitor and record all movements, 24 hours a day. Any unauthorized movement is detected easily.

To further protect your furnishings in their facilities, many self storage facilities offer climate controlled units. These units have controlled temperature as well as humidity conditions. The unit is heated or cooled as required. Humidity is maintained at an even level.

These climate controlled units ensure that the vagaries of the weather do not destroy your precious possessions. They further ensure that your furnishings are safe and secure from destruction by mold, mildew, dust, pests, insects and rodents. Excessive heat or cold, as well as the elements can destroy your precious possessions, such as furniture, electronic equipment, expensive musical instruments, fragile crystal ware, works of art, wax works, among others.

Other Offerings

Many self storage facilities offer limited liability insurance cover. There are certain possessions or items for which the facility cannot be held liable. They are not responsible for damage or loss of property that is stored in the open and not in an enclosed storing space or locked storing units. They are also not responsible for cash, traveler’s checks, deeds, securities, jewelry, watches, antiques, photographs, and works of art, precious or semi-precious gems, among other items.

It is advisable that you find out the types of items you should not store in these facilities.

The facilities will not be responsible for damage caused by flood, surface water, sewer overflows, pests, insects, mold, mildew, rodents, earthquake, and war, among others.

Though the facility owners ensure that your precious possessions are safe and secure, they are liable for damages, subject to the terms and conditions of the lease. They will pay for the actual damages for which the self storage facility is responsible. It will apply where the facility owner is found to be negligible. You need to ensure that you do not allow any unauthorized access to your unit that may cause loss of property.

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