Article in Leading Technology Publication Recommends OpenDNS to Secure Networks and Protect Against DNS-Level Attacks.

San Francisco — OpenDNS, provider of the world’s leading Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced Computerworld Magazine, a trusted source of technology information for companies worldwide, recommends OpenDNS as a simple way for large enterprises as small businesses alike to protect their users and their networks.

The article, “Enterprise Security Tips on a Small-Business Budget,” guides readers through a handful of steps they can take immediately to dramatically increase network security and user and company safety. Among them are keeping patches up-to-date, avoiding downloading software from P2P sites, and switching — right now — to OpenDNS. OpenDNS is the only DNS service the article recommends.

“Switch your company [...] router’s DNS resolver to use OpenDNS. Do it right now, I’ll wait,” writes author Steven Andres in the article. “There’s no reason to use the default DNS provided by your Internet service provider. OpenDNS has a gigantic cache that will speed up your queries and a free Website filtering service that might interest some companies. Even if you don’t want the filtering, its robust and secure DNS infrastructure can shield you from well-known attacks at the DNS level.

“After 5 minutes of reconfiguration, your Internet connection will be snappier because the OpenDNS servers usually respond much quickly than your default ISP servers,” the article continues. “Its Website explains the simple steps involved in changing your home router or your company’s Active Directory domain controllers to their resolvers, and it has infrastructure spread all over the globe to ensure a speedy reply no matter where you are.”

OpenDNS product offerings include Basic, which is free to use, as well as Deluxe and Enterprise, which are subscription-based. All three provide anti-phishing, Internet-scale malware site protection and Web content filtering, not to mention the most secure DNS service available.

Deluxe and Enterprise were first made available in late 2009 and since then organizations of all sizes – including globally distributed enterprises and some of the country’s largest school districts – have made the switch from appliance-based filtering solutions from vendors such as Websense and Blue Coat. Both subscription services are delivered in response to customer demand and build upon OpenDNS’s award-winning, cloud-based comprehensive Web content filtering and security services, rock-solid reliable DNS platform and intelligent Internet navigation features.

“We’re deeply invested in the opinions of third-party evaluators, whether they be customers or large, respected publications like Computerworld,“ said David Ulevitch, Chief Executive Officer of OpenDNS. “For that reason we’re extremely proud that OpenDNS received a strong recommendation in the publication that is the authority on technology news.”

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OpenDNS facts and figures:
- More than 15 million people worldwide rely on OpenDNS today, including some of the world’s most trusted brands.
- More than 25,000 schools, including some of the United States’ largest school districts, using OpenDNS today.
- Zero downtime in three years.
- Consistently handling more than 19 billion DNS queries daily.

Writer Steven Andres is founder and CTO of Special Ops Security.

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OpenDNS is the world’s leading provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Through DNS resolution, cloud-based Web content filtering and security services, OpenDNS empowers millions of households, schools and businesses to control how users navigate the Internet on their network, while dramatically increasing the network’s overall performance and reliability.

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