Patagonia, The awe inspiring beauty of the Lake District a mythical landscape of clear blue lakes, dramatic peaks, and green forests - this unspoilt land is the perfect place to start off the Honeymoon in style. This is a place to experience natural beauty in its purest form. We can help organize trips into this undeveloped wilderness on horseback, 4x4, hiking and fishing in these splendid surrounds.

You stay in a luxurious lodge set in the expansive and beautiful grounds that cover over 20,000 hectares and surrounded by some of the lake districts’ most gorgeous countryside. The activities are plentiful from riding to sailing from fishing to golf and can be tailor-made exactly to your requirements, everything done with a personal and professional touch.

Then it’s off to the Glacier region of Patagonia staying in a historical lodge exclusively positioned on the shores of lake Viedma, with panoramic views of the lake, Mount Fitz Roy and the Andes Mountains. With comfortable rooms and excellent food it is an oasis among the glaciers, mountains and forests of the majestic natural landscape that surrounds it including a wood of Californian Redwood trees brought 100 years ago by its founder, the Finnish explorer Alfred Ranström.

This is a place to experience the raw natural beauty of nature in its purest form. Take trips into this unspoilt wilderness on horseback or on foot - for example trekking through valleys and up rivers until after crossing a lush wood of lengas trees you discover the brilliant Laguna Azul. Boat trips across the lake amongst the many gleaming icebergs as well as hiking across the Moreno glacier itself are unforgettable experiences

After the glaciers there is still more of Patagonia to see are few places in the world that can compare with Peninsula Valdes; a unique wildlife sanctuary that is the ideal place for close-up watching of whales, penguins, dark dolphins, elephant seals, sea lions, birds and Patagonian land-based species such as lesser rhea, mara (Patagonian hare), foxes, skunks or flocks of guanacos. A virtual island the peninsula has an other-worldly, almost desolate beauty. The long beaches, cliffs and salt flats are almost solely inhabited by the unique wildlife, enabling an experience that makes you feel you have travelled back in time to the age of Darwin.

You stay in a special estancia of just 8 rooms that is located in the heart of the national park with several miles of private coastline making this the best place to experience the true nature of this wilderness. You take excursions, walking tours and boat trips with our excellent guides to explore and sea the wildlife. With some luck you may even see the striking spectacle of the killer whale beaching itself to feed on the sea-lions.

Round off this fabulous Honeymoon with a few cocktails and a spot of fine dining back in civilisation in the happening streets of Buenos Aires with its Parisian style avenues, grand squares and elegant cafés it still has a distinctively South American feel, with laid back and friendly locals.

This city is a real joy to explore with well preserved historic districts coupled with an excellent nightlife and a relaxed café culture. You will have our extensively researched recommendations on the best restaurants bars and nightclubs.

You stay in a boutique designer hotel in the chic tree-lined streets of the Palermo Viejo district where all the best bars, restaurants and shopping are to be found. Owned by a famous interior designer, this is a beautifully hotel, with many antique pieces and little design touches.

Our experienced guide Ana will join you for a custom-made tour of the city based on your requirements, making sure that everything is done at your pace. She is great fun to be with and has access to many locations off the tourist trail.

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