10 Cool Gifts for $5 bucks and under on Amazon

28 Nov

The Senior Craftsmen is pleased to announce the perfect holiday gift idea for $5 dollars and under. This holiday season, buying a cool high quality gift, doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ontario, OR — The Senior Craftsmen is pleased to announce the perfect holiday gift idea for $5 dollars and under on Amazon. According to the professionals, sales are expected to rise 3 to 4% for the upcoming holiday season. So why not make your buying power go further?

“We searched high and low to make this list,” says Marie Golden — the newsletter spokesperson. She continues to say, “I wanted to find the type of gift that I would like to give or even get myself. Some gift guides often recommend “gag” gifts or items that are not usable. We had to have the item not only have positive ratings, but give you the ultimate value.”

In many ways, gifts can be a difficult decision to make. However, if the gift is usable or even a tool, you really can't go wrong.

Tools and gadgets have emerged as one of the most popular stocking stuffer, but this year we added some new categorizes that will sure to please everyone. All for $5 bucks and under!
Ready for the whole list? Have at it.

The Senior Craftsmen Deal List

Gift List

-    Chrome Foil Socket Labels (Anybody with tools will love this)
-    Stanley Screw Driver Set (Not just a screwdriver, but multi-sized that we all need)
-    Pizza Cutter (Very nice and made out of metal. Can be used for bread too)
-    Gerber Multi-Tool (Many uses and goes on a key-chain. Bets of all, its Gerber)
-    USB Wristband Cord (Read the Deal list to find out why you need this in an emergency)
-    Popular Mechanics (Everyone should get this magazine. At this price, now you can)
-    Screen Protector (Made out of glass and protects your screen. No brainer)
-    Pentel Roller Pen (Very nice pen at the price of a cheap disposable. Cant go wrong)
-    Circuit Breaker Labels (If you have electricity in your house, I highly recommend)
-    Mini Perman LED Light (Runs off of one AAA battery and lasts and lasts)

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