(Submit Articles) Arthritis and joint pain are the two major culprits that greatly affect the life of old aged people. Below are some effective arthritis joint pain herbal remedies that work.

1. Essential oils are pure in form and can be very helpful in treating inflamed joints. They penetrate the cells easily; repair quickly the damaged tissues and cells by supplying oxygen and nutrients to the stiff muscles and damaged tissues. The essentials oils, in other words, have the power to rebuild joints and restore flexibility and mobility. Oils extracted from cypress, juniper, basil, peppermint, birch, eucalyptus, rosemary, ginger, nutmeg, pine, fir, spruce, marjoram, wintergreen are some important essential oils highly beneficial for ailing joints. These oils can be applied directly on swollen joints and used as an effective rub. One can apply any one of these oils, or several oils in combination. Also any one of these oils may be used in combination with virgin olive oil for massaging joints. The aromatic property of essential oils is an additional advantage. The sweet fragrance relaxes the mind.

2. Compressing affected joints with powdered ginger can give much relief.

3. Epsom salt may be added to the water used for bathing. It reduces joint stiffness.

4. Sesame seed soaked in water overnight may be taken along with the water every morning to get relief from frequent pain attacks.

5. Alfalfa tea made from alfalfa seeds is a good herbal remedy for arthritis.

6. Half teaspoon cinnamon powder mixed with one tablespoon honey may be taken every morning to get relief from inflexible joints.

7. Rubbing painful joints with the sesame oil in which few red chilies and ginger slices have been boiled can be very useful.

8. The herb guggulu is very good for curing arthritis. It may be consumed daily.

9. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and may be used as poultice.

10. Fish oils rich in Omega3 fatty acids have pain lessening properties. It is very good for treating rheumatoid arthritis. The main ingredients in fish oil are DHA or docosahexaenoic and EPA or eicosapentaenoic which stop the inflammatory agents from attacking the joint in case of rheumatoid arthritis.

11. Heated mustard oil mixed with camphor powder is good for massaging painful joints.

12. Almond oil, grape seed oil, olive oil can function as effective carrier oil for massage.

13. Rumatone Gold oil available in market is specially prepared herbal oil that can penetrate skin and soothe the stiff muscles, thereby making them flexible.

14. Rumatone Gold Capsule is also effective herbal pain relief supplement.

15. Castor oil can function as an effective pain relief rub. It is also effective in arthritis pain relief. The method of using the oil for pain relief is as follows: One has to soak cotton in castor oil, and place it over a swollen joint. Then one has to cover the soaked cotton pack with a plastic wrap and place a hot water bag over it. The treatment is to be continued for at least 30 minutes every day to get relief from pain. Massing the area directly with heated castor oil also helps. The massaging should be done following up and down strokes.

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