2014 Architecture Biennalle Could Increase Demand For Venice Airport Transfers

19 Mar

The 14th Venice Architecture Biennalle, to be held in the city of canals between June 5 and November 23, 2014, could well signify an increase in bookings for companies offering Venice airport transfers for the relevant period. Art and architecture lovers from all over the world will flock to the city to listen to the talks and admire the artwork on display.

Opening at the Giardini and Arsenal galleries, and later taking over several other exhibition spaces throughout Venice, this year’s Biennalle centres around the fundamentals of architecture – a theme chosen by event director Rem Koolhaas.

In total, around 65 artists will be attending and exhibiting at the show, with no less than 11 countries represented. The Biennalle will see artists from such exotic destinations as Azerbaijan, the Ivory Coast, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republican, New Zealand and Turkey present their works to the eager and interested public. On the final day of the festival, an award will be presented to honour the best creations.

In addition to these countries — which will each boast their own, self-managed pavilion — the Biennalle will also host an Italian pavilion, curated this year by Cino Zucchi, as well as a number of privately organised side events, sponsored by several institutions which have struck a partnership with the Biennalle. These events will extrapolate the realm of art and architecture, focusing on events within the same general vicinity, such as music, dance, theatre and film-making. A series of talks and educational events, geared at art students and those with a general interest in the crafts, complete the festival’s schedule.

Alongside the exhibition, a glossy 350-page catalogue will be produced, with the intent of serving as a companion piece and guide to visitors attending the Biennalle. This publication will be issued in a bilingual format, with text in both Italian and English, in order to reach the highest possible number of guests.

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