2014 Engagement Ring Trends Could Interest Customers of F&L Designer Guides

21 Mar

A list of trends for engagement ring bands and stones in 2014, recently revealed by an American jewellery company in association with television chain Fox 19’s website, could interest customers of F&L Designer Guides looking to purchase their rings this year. 

The feature was published mid-March and includes a handful of the most commonly seen trends among engagement ring designers, whether bespoke or commercial, in the early months of 2014. Brides and grooms intending to get engaged or already searching for a ring can therefore take inspiration from these ideas, picking their favourite among the included trends before potentially placing their order with one of the jewellers supported by F&L Designer Guides

The first trend mentioned in the article in question is the design that includes floral arrangements along the band. This is by no means a new phenomenon and has been rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years, but 2014 is seeing that trend gain even more momentum. The classical look provided by this type of arrangement is a firm favourite among both designers and customers of F&L Designer Guides. 

So-called ‘East-West’ engagement ring settings are also deemed to be trendy this year, according to the article. This expression denotes an engagement ring wherein the stone is set horizontally, giving the illusion of it being larger. This could potentially be an excellent choice for lovers on a budget, as well as for those who are looking for something a little different as their engagement ring setting. Alternatively, petite settings are also deemed to be an excellent choice by the narrative in question. 

Another trend mentioned in the article is for ‘fancy-cut’ diamonds, although again, this is not an exclusive for 2014. These cuts have been rapidly coming back into fashion in recent years, and the present year should see no more than a continuation of this trend. As far as materials for bands go, the timeless look of yellow gold is turning heads this season, according to the article. 

Fox 19 is a subdivision of American TV network Fox, specifically centring around the Cincinnati and Kentucky areas. 

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