5 Free Special Aids for Designing Notepads

28 Jan

(Submit Articles) Want a little leg up in notepad printing? Well, let me give you five free special tools and aids for designing those notepads. In my experience in notepad printing, I have found that the tools listed below are the best free resources that effectively helps me in developing a good full color notepad design with only a short learning curve. So if you want some help in printing notepads, and would prefer it to be free, just read the list below and learn how these things can do just that for you.

1. Free printing company templates – Notepad printing companies, especially the ones found online offer free templates for everyone. While most would prefer you to use those notepad templates to create your designs and order notepads from them, typically there are no strings attached really when you get those notepad templates.

These templates are great tools for notepad printing and design. They practically make your whole notepad for you and all you have to do is to enter your customized details and additional graphics. After that, everything is practically set, ready for notepad printing. All of this comes to you for free, so really this is one of the best free aids for you.

2. Free open source software – Now, if you find yourself not having access to the typical publishing applications that cost a lot, you can actually just get some open source software to help you out. That is right! OpenOffice.org for example comes with a host of software that is just like Microsoft Office. Of course the great thing is it is free! This should help you open up those notepad templates, and customize them for your own ends. You don’t have to cash out hundreds of dollars on software really. You just need to learn how to use this free application.

3. Free customized fonts – If you are designing a specific kind of notepad with a very customized theme, you will probably need some great customized fonts for the text on the header or footer. This is typical of course for custom notepads and luckily for you, there are hundreds of free resources for customized fonts. Just do a search online and you should gain access literally to thousands of free fonts that you can use for your color notepads. Just make sure that the license is free and okay for commercial notepad printing and you should be okay.

4. Free graphics and pictures – If there are free fonts, there are also free images for your notepads. Most designers use images in notepads as logos, headers, footers or even special watermarks. You can get tons of free pictures and graphics online by looking at sites like OpenPhoto.net, Flickr.com and Morguefile.com. These sites typically provide high resolution images that are perfect for notepad printing. Again, just try to always recheck so that you are sure the pictures you are getting are royalty free and can be used in commercial notepad printing.

5. Free testing or consultation – Finally, you can also get some free testing or consultation online. Going inside design forums and commenting on design blogs can help you gain crucial insights into notepad design. Moreover, you can even show some experts your color notepads to get feedback and testing for your layouts. This should help you tweak and improve your designs for the final full scale effort in notepad printing.

Great! Those are your five free and special aids for notepad printing and design. Now you’ll have plenty of free resources that should help you design and print your own custom notepads easily. Good Luck!

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