(Submit Articles) Your fundraising calendars will never really look as good as they deserve if you do not have them printed in the best possible way. That is why you should always be choosey with your printer. This is very important, especially when you are creating fundraising calendars for profit. Quality is the key in fundraising calendars, and you will want to have the best quality prints to sell a lot of pieces.

To help you choose the best and dependable calendar printer or printing company, here are the five common signs of a good one. If all of these characteristics are present in your prospective calendar printing company, then you should be well assured that they can give you the best prints that your calendar layouts deserve.

1. Good customer service ““ Customer service is always the key factor in choosing a good calendar printer. You will want to work with a calendar printing company that is easy to deal with, easy to contact, with an ordering process that is easy to follow. Believe me, all that stress and frustration that cheap printing companies give you with their lousy customer service is not really a good experience. So always look for the ones that already have a good customer service reputation.

Try to see if they have online customer service as well as phone in customer service. If they have a website, try to see if they have online guides and assisted online calendar printing services. The more fluid the process for a customer to print calendars and deal with problems is, the better that printer is for you.

2. Free printing samples ““ Also, it is actually a good sign when a printing company can give you free printed samples of their past calendars. When your prospective printing company offers this, you will now they are confident enough with their color calendar quality. So always see if they can give you free print samples of their work. Trust me, your chances of getting a great printer skyrocket when they are confident enough to give samples free.

3. Good reviews and mentions ““ Of course, as a good rule, you should also check for good reviews and other references to a printing company to make sure they are really good. Going online and searching for reviews is the fastest way to check if the calendar printing company is good. Look for blog reviews, as well as mentions or testimonials in forums so that you can see how others have reacted to the printer’s service. If there are generally good reactions then of course you have a green light for working them. Otherwise if there are more bad reactions, it is best to move on to others.

4. Online portals ““ Now, this was touched on above, but a good sign of a dependable calendar printer is if they have online portals or websites. Having a website, a Facebook business account and even a Twitter account means that a printing company is serious with its job and its marketing. Beyond that, online portals typically give the printing company a 24 hour service portal where you can actually place orders and set your options for calendar printing. This is really a very convenient service and you can work with them from any place you like as long as you have an Internet connection. For many of you out there, this is can really be useful, so always mark an online portal as a good sign for a printing company.

5. Legal Guarantees ““ Lastly, always look for legal guarantees of service. Promises of things “guaranteed“ must always be taken seriously in calendar printing. Since it is a very big kind of printed material, you will want that assurance that it will be made with the best guarantee of quality available. So look for these legal guarantees when you shop for calendar printers. If there aren’tany guarantees, it is best to move on to others.

So, these are your five signs for a dependable calendar printing company. Find these characteristics for your fundraising calendars and you won’thave too much trouble with your printing tasks.

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