(Submit Articles) High blood pressure may lead to several heart diseases like stroke. So it is life threatening and is needed to be treated or kept in control. Mainly high BP occurs due to hypertension.

There are many natural and synthetic remedies available for curing high blood pressure. But as synthetic remedies may have lots of side effects so natural remedies are best for usage. There are natural herbs and food known to treat the state of high BP.

Our body has capacity of curing or preventing itself from all kinds of diseases even the most severe ones but sometimes our body lacks some nutrients for this which can be easily given in form of natural herbs, only the effect and constituents of the herb should be known. This applies to the state of high blood pressure also. So the most important herbs known to cure high BP are -

1. Garlic: Garlic is the most important and most effective natural herb used for high BP. Even some healers have used it in emergency conditions of high BP and it has shown immediate effects also. It not only lowers high blood pressure but it also increases low BP or we can say it is a BP balancer as it brings BP to normal level. But the synthetic remedies of BP having garlic content unfortunately have either less or no effect at all. So the garlic used to control BP should always be fresh and of pure breed. The pure garlic is always white in color and has 8-10 cloves only. The dosage should be 3-5 cloves per day.

2. Jaundice berry: It releases the tension on the artery by dilating them, hence facilitate the blood flow in the arteries. Thus it is useful for lowering high blood pressure.

3. Cayenne: It is the best herb for high blood pressure after garlic. It maintains proper blood circulation in the body leading to proper control of BP. To get the best results the pepper used should be hot, so the hot species of pepper should be used.

4. Red clover: It is the best herb for thinning blood as the thick blood leads to poor blood circulation resulting in high BP. In today's lifestyle people commonly have thick blood hence high blood pressure, so red clover can prove a good remedy for it. The red clove used should always be in good state i.e. the blossom should be purple; the other types of blossom available are blown which are dead and hence are not effective.

5. Alfalfa: It has many types of elements which are helpful in softening hard arteries hence reducing the pressure on the arteries and lowers the BP. It plays a major role in reducing hypertension.

6. Parsley: It is helpful in maintaining the proper blood circulation and it regulates the whole artery system. It is also very helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

7. Gooseberry: it is also known as amla in India. It can be taken with honey in juice form 1-2 tablespoon everyday in morning empty stomach and is a good remedy for lowering high blood pressure.

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