7 Great Free Aids for Rack Cards

31 Jan

(Submit Articles) Everybody needs some help one way or another when they print color rack cards. However, a lot of the usual help that you will see out there at first are not exactly free. Luckily for you though, I am going to tell you about the ones that do not actually cost anything. Listed down below are seven great free aids that you can use when printing and designing rack cards. Use these aids to assist you in developing great full color rack cards while at the same time saving on a significant amount of the cost. So pay attention to this list and remember each one.

1. Free rack card templates – The first thing that you will undoubtedly need when you want to crate rack cards are templates. Luckily, those are actually available for free easily on the Internet. You can easily do a search for rack card templates and identify the websites that offer free downloads. Most online rack card printing companies should actually offer this and it is best to acquire the template from there.

These templates are a great way to start off your design as they already have most of the standard settings set for you. You will only need to insert your custom content and of course layout your design. This makes rack card designing a whole lot easier and faster, making this one of the best free aids that you should definitely get your hands on.

2. Free marketing samples and guides – Another free aid that you should try to get are free marketing samples and guides. There are tons of design blogs and printing sample sites that provide free viewings of rack card samples. By looking through all of the contemporary examples of rack cards, you can actually determine “how good” your own design should be to be competitive.

Believe me, reviewing other rack cards is crucial for your success and getting samples for free is a great tool to help you get the broad overview. So when possible try to access those marketing samples and guides through those blogs and sites.

3. Free desktop publishing applications – If you still do not have the software to design your color rack cards, then you are in luck. There are actually free desktop publishing applications out there they you can download. Most prominent of those is Open Office which is basically an office suite with a lot of the same kinds of software that MS Office does.

The Writer application should help you develop a decent rack card design with little need for training really and it is all for free. So take advantage of this free application as it will save you hundreds of dollars in software costs.

4. Free image manipulation engines – Now, if your custom rack cards are image heavy, you can also actually get a free tool that helps you manipulate images. Free image manipulation engines like Inkscape and GIMP are great tools to improve and edit rack card images. They are simple enough to use and easy to learn, so you will have little trouble getting the images that you need. Of course, since it is free, you will be saving a lot more money as you will not have to buy big proprietary applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

5. Free color matching software – Another great free tool that you can use for your color rack cards are free color matching software. Getting that color theme right for a full color rack card can sometimes be had, but some free online software can actually help you with this.

There are several free online color matching applications that should help you match complementary colors for your color theme by just inputting one base color. This is a great tool, especially if you do not know much about colors, and being a free tool it is also great for people wanting to save money in rack card printing.

6. Free clip-arts and photos – Now, if you do not plan on creating your own images and instead just want to acquire them, you will be glad to know that there are also free image or clip-art resources online. A quick search of free images should net you sites like Flickr.com where there are tons of free images that you can use. Just make sure you choose the images with creative commons licenses though.

7. Free rack card fonts – Finally, since rack cards always have important text content as headlines, you will also probably need some special fonts in it. It is very fortunate of course for us that there are hundreds of free resources for fonts today.

Online, you can basically do a quick search of free fonts and you will get so many websites to choose from. Simply browse through most of the interesting font collections out there and just download the best for your rack cards all for free. It is that simple and you can get great color rack cards with great looking text with absolutely no cost at all.

So those are the seven best free resources for rack card printing and design. Why don’t you try these out? You’ll get tons of savings and still maintain a great quality design for color rack cards.

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