(Submit Articles) You should always be smart with any kind of fundraising ideas you want to implement. Success with these campaigns, particularly when using fundraising requires some smart moves and smart habits that will let you develop the most appealing prints for your consumers. Below is a list of seven special tips that will help you be appropriately smart with your fundraising calendars. Use this to become smart and cunning with your fundraising campaign.

1. Know the Industry ““ Knowledge is power, and when you are creating fundraising calendars you might want to know the whole picture of the industry (or sub-industry) that you are working with. This means that you should try to research the current trends of the industry. What kind of fundraising calendars are being printed these days? Who are the ones printing fundraising calendars? Who are the best printers that cater to those people? What are the current costs of fundraising calendars and the typical estimated returns? Try to answer all these questions and you will be a little bit wiser with your design and printing decisions later on.

2. Know the Market ““ Besides the whole industry, you might also want to know your market. Knowing who the people who you will be selling to is very crucial in the success of your fundraising campaign. Know their preferences in designs and pricing can come a long way with your decisions in developing your custom calendars. So make sure you do some decent market research if you want to really succeed in your campaign.

3. Always test and refine ““ A wise designer always tests and refines his or her designs. For calendar printing, it is always smart to print a test calendar for you to give out and gain feedback from. Always try to get the constructive feedback from these tests and then refine your designs to make it more ideal to your audience. Testing is also the key to ironing out the quirks and mistakes in your design so that by the end, you will have a perfect custom calendar design ready for mass production.

4. Be detailed with your options ““ When it comes to calendar printing itself, you should always be detailed and specify everything that you want to the calendar printer. Do not just let the calendar printing company decide these printing options for you. By being smart and choosing the precise paper materials, inks, coatings and other configurations, you can really control the pricing and of course the look of your color calendars. You won’tpay for anything you do not like, maximizing your use of your limited resources for the best calendar prints that you can afford.

5. Use more than one distribution method ““ When it comes to the marketing of your fundraising calendars, the smart thing to do is to always use more than one distribution method. Leaving your custom calendars at your shop for sale is not the only method you have to get those calendars sold. You can market in a wide variety of ways such as handing them out to your social network and getting your friends and family to help you sell them. You can also promote your color calendars online through Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. You can also just print some posters and deploy them around the neighborhood to tell people that you are selling calendars for fundraising. The more you market out there the better your results for fundraising calendars. So do your work and be extensive.

6. Get the most ideal printer ““ Of course you should also be smart when it comes to calendar printing. Do not just go for the first calendar printing company you see on the yellow pages or in a web search engine. Try to shop around always to get the best prices and the best quality prints out there. With only a little effort you may actually discover really great online calendar printing companies that have great discounts or generally lower prices for single batch orders. So always look for more calendar printer options, before settling on one.

7. Record and improve ““ Finally, a smart designer or fundraiser will always want to know where he or she got it wrong and where it went right. That is why it is always good to keep actual records of your sales and the actual people who bought those fundraising calendars. You can even do a mini survey of sorts with some customers so that you can empirically know who the best customers are and what they like about your fundraising calendars. This will help you a lot in improving your calendars next time. Now that is a smart move to get more money on your next batch of fundraising calendars.

Great! That is how you can be smart with your fundraising ideas! Remember these seven smart tips and you’ll be developing your custom calendars cunningly for the best possible results.

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