09 Sep

09, September 2016: American farmers who are members of the National Hispanic Farmers Ranchers & Agronomists Association overwhelming trust the Republican Nominee Donald Trump over Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (72% - 11%). The only state where the Democratic contender is more trusted by Hispanic American Farmers is Wisconsin (71% - 19%).

Polling Political Public Policy

Former Secretary of State Hillary clinton trails the leading Republican Nominee in the November face-off with the canvassed audience in the majority of the battleground states where Republican Senators are up for reelection, the independent opinion poll (conducted by Polling Political Public Policy (PPPP) LLC) has found.

Save and except in the State of Wisconsin, 76% of respondents also overwhelming believed that the Republican Nominee Donald trump would create more jobs for Hispanic Americans in the agricultural sector (responses representing a +91% confidence interval).

From August 9 — 14, PPPP surveyed 1,848 registered voters that were members of the National Hispanic Farmers Ranchers & Agronomists Association, within a margin of error of +/-2.7 percentage points (representing a polynomial standard deviation accuracy ranking of 97.3%, 6.2 times out of 10). The PPPP poll, directed by Dr. Björn Grën Gogh, involved live telephone interviews and opinion surveys through land lines, cellular phones in 4 States (Arizona, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire) with extra perception of the sensory variety in the 2 remaining States (Ohio, and Wisconsin). The poll was conducted for research purposes on behalf the National Hispanic Farmers Ranchers & Agronomists Association.

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