A designated driver won’t be lonely after finishing work with Airwheel

27 Jan

27, January 2016: In the past year, this kind of fashionable and convenient vehicle is a big sale while it is the designated drivers who promote its growth in the market. Mickey, 32 years old, is an ordinary white-collar worker. In order to earn more money, he works in the office in the daytime and acts as a designated driver in the evening. The original idea for this part-time job is to increase his incoming. But it becomes a problem for how to be back home for Mickey after sending the customers to their home. Late at night, there are no buses or subways. If by taxi, it costs much. In this case, his friend recommends the electric scooter, Airwheel Z3.


“It is very helpful”, Mickey said. Now when he receives the order, he drives his two wheels scooter to the designated place and puts it into the trunk. When he finishes this order, he takes the scooter out and rides back home. He expresses that he is very satisfied with this scooter since it can be folded, such as the pedals, the operating arm and even the connecting bearings between pedals and the front wheels.

When selecting the scooters, Mickey takes the endurance into consideration. He thinks Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter’s endurance is outstanding. Even if he needs to go for a long distance, he fears not the shortage of power since Z3 has the interchangeable battery design. Before leaving home, Mickey prepares two backup batteries in case of the long trip order. Moreover, it only takes few minutes to change a battery with full power.


In the industry of designated drivers, almost more than half of the designated drivers choose to ride electric scooters. Meanwhile he mentions that a few of his friends also ride it to go to work to avoid the traffic jams. He repeats that Airwheel Z3 is really helpful in his life and he won’t be lonely even if it is late at night.

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