Peninsula City News reported on May 3,JiaoZhou Industry and Commerce Department have destoryed a criminal shop that specially selling fake nike air max shoes and Adidas shoes the forenoon on the day . About more than 1600,000 fake shoes were detained on the spot . For great value, the public security departments have get involved.


In the past few days , the law enforcement personnel of JiaoZhou Industry and Commerce Administrition have received a inform from the masses that A foreign trade cheap nike air max 2011 store of ZhengZhou East Road , JiaoZhou is selling large scale of fake Nike and Adidas shoes . The secret investigations showcase the inform is true and the operator stock those fake shoes in the warehouse of the countryside .


The Law Enforcement Personnel and Public Security Department carried out a surprise inspection about the store and warehouse . They have found 443 cases fake Nike sneakers and recreational shoes , 67 cases of fake Adidas shoes which conclude both the law copy and high copy edition and also have had some limited edition copied .Totally over 6000 pairs . Valved more than 1600,000 yuan .Also , they have found some other big brand fake products . such as the Dior , Jeep , Bele brand nike air max 97 shoes and any other apparel and bags .


Wang reject supply anything about Nike and Adidas’ trademark proof or related materials . Seven big truck could just enough to deliver those fake products .He had admit those fake goods mostly stock from the South district . Retail and wholesale at JiaoZhou .

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