Trade regulations are the laws ratified by the Congress. At the State level, they ensure a free and competitive economy and business environment. The principle purpose of this law is to cover unrestrained competition among traders and business houses so that an atmosphere of free pricing and good quality resources are available to the consumers. It is common for corporate and market leaders to indulge in unfair trade practices by allowing economic power to concentrate in the hands of a few powerful business houses. Such acts are illegal under the state anti-trust and trade regulation laws.

Since the laws governing trade regulations are complex and intricate, the service of an efficient and experienced attorney is necessary to understand them. This article reviews the works of attorney Todd A Richardson, Director, legal firm Lewis and Kappes, Indianapolis. His areas of practice include appeals, energy and utility laws, intellectual property, and civil litigation, among others.

* Education & Earlier Legal Stints

The information available reveals that Todd A Richardson has vast litigation experience especially in matters related to Trade Regulation and Intellectual property. He practiced in Boston for five years, managing complex litigation issues and primary patent and anti-trust cases before joining his current firm in 1992 and has been actively handling cases related to Energy Laws and Utility Regulation practice. He is stated to have vast experience in handling appeals at state and Federal levels.

Todd A Richardson completed his degree in B.A from Harvard College and his law degree from the University of Michigan, J.D. The prestigious Harvard Lampoon published his jokes and cartoons, when he was in Law College. He was also its Editor for two years from 1981-83. His works are published in the Journal of Law Reform, University of Michigan, as well.

* Bar Admissions, Awards & Areas Of Practice

The Bar Admission details of Todd A Richardson start with Massachusetts in 1983 and Indiana in 1992. He served U.S District Courts Southern District and Northern District of Indiana, U.S District Court District of Massachusetts, U.S District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin, U.S Court of Appeals Federal Circuit as well as Columbia Circuit, U.S Courts of Appeal 7th Circuit and U.S Supreme Court in 1997.

According to information available from legal web pages, Todd A Richardson has received many awards for his work in the legal field. He has won the Indiana Super Lawyer (Appellate) award six times and the Super Lawyer (Appellate) award in 2006. He was also the Co-Recipient of the Trial Lawyer of the Year, 1994 by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. He was associated with the Indianapolis Bar Association and the Indiana State Bar Association. His professional profile includes stints as an attorney with reputed legal firms like the Willcox and Pirozzolo and McCarthy from 1986 to 1991.

Todd A Richardson is licensed to practice under various categories of law, which include practice related to Anti-Trust Practices, Deceptive Trade Practices, Trade Regulations, Unfair Competition, Copyright and Patents, Trade Secrets and Trademarks. He also has experience in defending his clients in cases dealing with Complex litigation in State Appellate Practice, State Trial Practice, U.S Courts of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the U.S Supreme Court.

According to the firm's website, Todd A Richardson's representative cases include the Wang Laboratories Inc. v/s Applied Computer Sciences Inc. (C.A Fed, (Mass), 1992.). His inputs are invaluable to the firm while dealing in cases related to trade regulation and intellectual property.

Todd A. Richardson is one of the directors of the law office of Lewis &Kappes. Todd A. Richardson handles cases related to litigation, appeals, energy and utility law.

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