When it is time to buy pH meter, you could end up very confused as not everyone knows everything about these meters, which are otherwise quite important devices. Basically, a pH meter is an electronic instrument which is used to measure the pH level of a liquid. pH level is the acidity or alkalinity level in a liquid. Typically, a pH meter comprises a special measuring probe or glass pH electrodes, which is connected to an electronic meter. This meter measures and displays the pH reading.

For people who are out to buy pH meter, there are many challenges which stand in the way. There is a different meter for every unique measurement need. In order to find the best pH meter as per your requirements, you need to undertake proper research and shop around. In case you find it confusing, you can always turn to a professional for help.

Features Of A pH Meter

Typical Features Of A pH Meter Are:

* ATC or Automatic Temperature Compensation
* Calibration which can either be single or multiple point
* Buffers recognition
* Electrodes offset and slope recognition
* Buffer temperature coefficient which is generally built-in
* Auto lock
* Data storage
* Battery and AC adaptor
* Indicator which signals when the battery is low

In addition to the above mentioned features, meters to measure pH balance of liquids also have some other features which can be standard or specific to high-end models.

Types Of pH Meters

Before you buy pH meter or conductivity meter, you must know about the major types of meters available on the market. In all, there are four main types of pH meters offered by manufacturers:

* Pen Or Tester: The most basic form of pH meter is a pH tester or pH pen. This device is shaped like a large pen and is quick and easy to use. This is perfect for on-the-go pH testing. Pens or testers are good for both home and commercial use.

* Portable: A portable pH meter is mostly an ergonomic, steady and versatile meter and has many sophisticated features. pH meters which are portable are good for taking out readings in the field and are sometimes used in homes as well. One of the biggest advantages that portable meters have over pH testers is that there is a much larger selection available and you can choose from a range of styles, designs and features.

* Benchtop: A benchtop pH meter is generally used in laboratories and classrooms where it is important to use a meter which promises improved accuracy, computer interface for collection of data and various other advance measurements and calibration features. These meters are generally priced higher than other pH meters and their accuracy is often 0.01 or 0.001.

* In-Line: In line pH meters are probably the most advanced models and are used for industrial purposes. These are made to withstand harsh environments, control processes as well as transmit pH reading to other devices. If you want to buy pH meter for industrial purposes, this is the best option.

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