A New Pop Culture Led By Airwheel Mini Intelligent Electric Walkcar

22 Nov

22, November 2016: Airwheel electric scooters will surely sweep through the country and even the whole world with its accurate marketing positioning, the wide range of users and products with hi-tech performance.

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Reviewing the popular culture history, the young is always the pioneer that devotes themselves to promoting the pop culture including music, painting, cloth or diet, and sports is no exception. In terms of entertainment and sports, skating, roller-skating, sliding and bicycle are quite popular choices. Now, there is a new pop culture called electric scooter.


Then, what is the popular culture in 21st century? The answer is personalization. Unique style is the most valuable character embraced by the young. Nowadays, the products of Nokia and Moto have been replaced by Apple, the most popular mobile all over the world created by Steve Jobs. Similarly, the popular fashion of roller-skating and bicycle abdicated the crown to one certain innovative vehicle — self-balancing scooter. In scooter industry, Airwheel is a pioneer with the E, Z, M, A, S, Q, and X series.


Airwheel has passed the UN38.3 certification, MSDS certification air appraisal, shipping appraisal, and some other authorized certification, which shows its quality is widely accredited. What’s more, Airwheel mini electric scooter has three kinds of protection mechanisms, there are tilt protection, speed protection and low battery protection. The smart chip can check the body’s position and its speed at any time. When its tilt angle and the speed exceed rated limit or its battery level runs too low, the protection mechanisms of self-balancing scooter will be activated and give warnings to ensure safety.


Young people in current generation are eager to try new product and personalize themselves in the crowd, and Airwheel eco-friendly e bike would be their best choice. Riding this fashionable scooter, he or she is able to stand out among a bunch of traditional bicycle riders. New culture encourages the young to lead revolution and help this clean travelling tool be prevalent in the society. Combined with both entertainment and sports, Airwheel is sure to be the symbol of the popular culture in this new era.


Airwheel intelligent electric scooters sweep through the whole world with its accurate marketing positioning, the wide range of users and products with hi-tech performance.

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