Philippines, 5th March 2014: Natural disaster of any kind leads to damage to both living beings and property. Over the centuries there have been numerous natural disasters which have claimed millions of lives. Recently the Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the country of Philippines had been recorded as the strongest ever typhoon to be recorded in the Philippines history. It killed over 100 million people and it has been 3 months since the rescue work is being carried out. The casualties are alarming and suggest that many people did not get the help at the right time. The scale of devastation was so huge that even the concrete buildings got damaged with the powerful winds. 

Although the disaster has gone but the after effects have left many wanting help and support. They lack the basic needs of clean water, electricity and even the right food supplies. To add on to the vows the hospitals are falling short of medicines and there is a threat which indicates that a particular disease might spread all over. Help and aid seems to be arriving to the place from all corners of the world and the more people can contribute would make the locals get back to normal life soon. To Aid haiyan killed, Alan who is student outside Philippines but hails from Talcoban City which is pretty near to the epicentre of devastation has initiated a noble campaign. Using the platform of Indiegogo he tries to reach out to the world and request everyone to contribute to this Public welfare cause. 

The reason for this initiative is the lack of aid, despite so many organizations and individuals contributing. The funding received would be used for sending relief to the people living in Northern Cebu. It would be further utilized to buy rice, potable water, clothes, medicines, and canned goods. It would be really helpful and dedication of love, if people can contribute whatever they want to through the campaign. The proceeds would definitely help thousands of people in search of help. There is no set limit for contributions and people can contribute money starting from just a dollar. If they wish to know more about the options they can check out the link 

The target for the collection is to collect up to $10,000, but in case they fall short of the figure they would still utilize whatever they raise through the campaign. For those who cannot make a contribution can do their part by sharing the cause over social media platforms and spread the message to a wider audience. They could do so by using sites like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites they use. 

About Spotlight on Typhoon Haiyan: 


Spotlight on Typhoon Haiyan is a campaign initiated by Alan Smith, a local resident, to help the people affected due to the Typhoon Haiyan. The proceeds which would be collected over the next 35 days would be used to fund things required to help the survivors of the typhoon in Philippines.