Reports show that more couples than ever are choosing to wed in a mid-week ceremony in a bid to cut costs. A record third of couples getting married are opting to save money and host weekday weddings when rates are often less expensive.

A recent study that questioned over five hundred newlyweds found that the number of brides saying ‘I do’ on a weekend has fallen to just 67% while an increase of 15% of brides are choosing to wed on a Friday. With many wedding venues proving to be cheaper during the week the mid-week wedding has become very popular and looks like it’s here to stay.

London based wedding dress designer Tatiana Porembova has seen growing numbers of brides preparing for mid-week weddings. As well as saving money, a weekday wedding is said to have other benefits. Honeymoons are also a recorded consideration with many couples wishing to take advantage of mid-week flight deals.

With over a decade’s experience in the industry Tatiana Porembova understands that some weddings can be very costly and brides will have budgets to stick to. The average budget for a wedding in the UK is set, excluding a honeymoon, at a maximum of £10,000 with only a third of couples paying above. Despite this figure falling to £5,000 four years ago it has crept back up along with rising costs.

With many brides looking to cut costs could the mid-week wedding be the answer? The increase in those choosing to take their vows on a weekday is also said to be down to convenience, more flexible time options and more simply because it is something their friends have chosen to do before them.

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