Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; 07/11/2013: Recycling is important to reduce the amount of waste created so as to keep the environment safe and protected. Recycling 4 You Limited offers top standard recycling solutions to all types of businesses. They are experts in WEEE recycling which includes electrical equipments, TVs in large volumes as well as telecom systems, circuit boards and other electronic items. They also specialize in computer recycling Lincolnshire and offers disposal services along with IT recycling onsite storage customized as per the needs of the clients. Over the years they have earned huge reputation by arranging fast legal recycling collections for public organisations and businesses through their wide network of recycling partners available all across the United Kingdom. Affordable recycling disposal services are offered by the company for non working IT equipment or non-working computer systems. 

The company has plenty of experience when it comes to fridge recycling London along with every type of white good appliances. The company makes use of recycling plants that are close to the client’s place in order to reduce costs and even carbon footprint. Businesses, local authorities, Blue Chip companies, NHS Trusts as well as Schools and Colleges can make use of their services to recycle their electronic equipments without the need of worrying about anything. The company collects goods from different parts of the country and sends them directly to recycling plants where the item is reduced to 20mm pieces. These pieces are further recycled and reused as raw materials. They are trusted as one of the leaders in fridge disposal London and their services come with one hundred percent recycling guarantee. They are the preferred choice of companies in search of fulfilling corporate responsibilities while maintaining competitive costs. The volume of WEEE items to be recycled does not matter at all as the company is well capable of handling large volumes. 

Starting from fridge disposal to recycling of computers, IT equipments, servers, network devices, hard drives, etc the company specializes in almost every type of waste electronic equipments all over the United Kingdom. They have their dedicated twenty four hours customer service which is available throughout the week to assist their clients in the best possible manner. Recycling 4 You Limited ensures that all the necessary paperwork associated with the recycling of items is taken care so that clients get full value for the money they invest. The services provided by the company comply fully with Hazardous and WEEE Waste Regulations. 

About Recycling 4 You Limited 


Recycling 4 You Limited offers businesses of all types with affordable recycling solutions. The company specializes in WEEE recycling and disposal to make sure that the environment remains free from harmful pollutants and wastes. They have been in this business for quite some time now and offer recycling services for a wide range of items.