Airwheel 2016 New Smart Electric Bike E3 Demonstrates Olympic Spirit

19 Sep

19, September 2016: This summer, no one can ignore the influence of the Rio Summer Olympic Games. Rio has elevated the Olympic spirit to a higher level, that is the environmental protection concept. Airwheel is a firm practitioner of the eco concepts.

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The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have drawn worldwide attention. There are disputes as well as touching moments that accompany each game. The traditional Olympic spirit “Higher, Stronger, Faster” has inspired generation after generation while the Rio’s environmental protection proposal has also roused people’s eco awareness. Airwheel, as a manufacturer of eco-friendly transportation devices is a firm practitioner of the eco concept.


In a bid to save the worsening environment and ease traffic congestion, Airwheel has persisted in producing portable and eco commuting vehicles, like electric scooters and electric skateboards. This year, the release of a folding electric bike E3 has an epoch-making significance for the company. The vehicle is powered by electricity and is an absolutely eco-friendly product. It is made of the minimized materials to achieve the maximized bearing capacity. The adoption of less materials mean less energy consumption. The vehicle is a perfect combination of structure and material. E3 weighs 11.1kg, with a battery weighing 1.4kg. But it can bear an incredible 100kg load. This unique design has enabled its portability, and demonstrated its energy-saving effect.


Airwheel backpack e bike E3, in some other ways, have reinterpreted the higher, stronger, faster spirit. For E3, “higher” means longer running distance. It is coupled with car-level branded Li-ion battery set, which generates sufficient power supply. As the whole vehicle is light-weighted, it consumes less energy than other bulky ones running the same distance. Thus, the vehicle can enjoy longer distance of running after a full charge. “Faster” is not always what Airwheel pursues. In ideal conditions, Airwheel E3 can achieve a maximum speed of 20 km/h. That is definitely acceptable for urban traffic environment. Faster sometimes mean insecure. Airwheel E3 is designed to achieve an optimized speed on the premise of safety. The tougher materials chosen and the special shape design have made the vehicle “stronger”.

Airwheel folding electric bike E3 can be widely applied to daily commuting. Let the vehicle guide people to feel the charm of Olympic spirits.

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