Airwheel C5, the Intelligent Helmet for Teenagers to Travel and Exercise

24 Aug

24, August 2016: Teenagers are excited when they have the summer holiday, during these months, they can enjoy their day without too much homework. Generally, teenager will choose to go outside with their friends to travel around or just gather together to have fun. Airwheel C5 can be the helmet protect teenagers and record their happy moments.

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Cindy has two kids who are teenagers, when summer holiday is coming, they try to explore new places or just gather with their friends. Cindy’s two kids love to go cycling with their friends around the countryside. As a mother, she sometimes worries about the safety problems since teenagers sometimes often ignore their safety. After asking her friends and searching on the Internet, Cindy decides to buy their kids Airwheel C5, the Airwheel helmet heads up display which can protect the rider and record their every moment at the same time.

Airwheel C5 is made of special material which is hard enough to protect the riders. The total helmet is designed to fit the size of riders’ head, so riders will feel comfortable when wearing the helmet. Rider can adjust the size of helmet according to themselves. Airwheel C5 is also an intelligent helmet which combines the functions of communication, taking photo, recording data. Riders do not need to hold their cell phone, they can talk with other through the helmet, which also guarantee the safety of riders, and The Bluetooth helmet can also help riders listen music which relax themselves comfortably and safely. Cindy can find her kids through cell phone without worrying the unsafe riding of them.

The intelligent camera is inserted in the middle of the smart helmet, so it can record every moment when teenagers riding on the way in high quality. The camera makes the use of wide angle lens and is anti-shake which can meet the demands of high quality photo and video. If riders find a scene that is worthy of taking photo, he just need to adjust the angle of the helmet for extreme sport, then Airwheel C5 will record the scene naturally. Teenagers can also record the moment they playing with their friends easily.

With Airwheel C5, Cindy does not worry about her kids any more since she know the Airwheel helmet can protect her kids and accompany their happy time.

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