Airwheel Electric Scooter Provide Unbelievable Riding Experience

26 Sep

26, September 2016: In the newly born intelligent industry, people have known for the first time that an enterprise could also pursue a total consumer-oriented enterprise philosophy. There is top-quality hardware and software inside Airwheel products. Airwheel electric scooters provide unbelievable riding experience.

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Nowadays, electric scooters are common in the streets and parks. The young are fond of them very much. And some children also like them a lot. Electric scooters are an interesting innovation. It is hard to imagine that the travel tool that is suitable for office and class could be an entertainment in daily life, and be a magna for part-time jobs. Also, we can hardly imagine it is so popular abroad. Enjoying the portable smart, fashionable and safe and environmentally friendly characters, Airwheel intelligent hoverboard could be an excellent vehicle in the future in terms of street jobs, and rewards more efficient and convenient life and work for us.


Airwheel installs a special built-in Airwheel intelligent chip, which adopts the most advanced intelligent system, using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balance. Airwheel adopts branded battery with larger capacity and longer life. It not only assures that our intelligent scooters are easy to operate, but also protects self-balancing electric scooters well and improves users’ safety.

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Airwheel has triple protections including low battery protection, tilting protection, and speed limit protection. The smart chip in the vehicle will test the status, speed and others during operation. For example, when the battery storage is less than 10%, and the electric self-balancing scooter will slow down until it stops, which comprehensively puts the users' security into careful consideration.

Even though people have realized the significance of physical exercise for senior citizens; in reality, their physical condition can be a barrier for them to do outdoor activities. With the assistance of an Airwheel electric walkcar, outdoor activity can be possible. The quality of all Airwheel products are guaranteed. The intelligent devices have already swept around the world. Choose Airwheel mini electric scooter and one may enjoy a more pleasant and cozy experience.

Although Airwheel electric scooter has made many breakthroughs, Airwheel R&D team continues to perfect present technologies. Maybe, the more advanced Airwheel self-balancing scooters is on its way.

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