Airwheel Intelligent Mini Mobility Self Balancing Scooter Is On the Rise.

24 Aug

24, August 2016: There are so many cars on the road and so many people on the buses and subways. So how can you solve the air pollutions caused by cars and terrible traffic jam!—Is that what you are worrying about? Airwheel are powered by extremely energy-saving electric motors. So there is one solution for solving the air pollutions caused by cars: choosing Airwheel electric scooters.

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The extremely portable Airwheel scooters enable you to travel on the sidewalks as fast as you are in your private cars. Airwheel electric scooters can travel at 16 km/h. Airwheel electric mobility scooters are also small enough to be carried onto buses or subways. So you are able to choose the best combination of transport means for your city travel.

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter are assembled with the top-quality vehicle units and operated with the most intelligent operating systems. The powerful battery cores make Airwheel electric mobility scooter able to bear the burden as heavy as 120 kg. And the vehicle bodies forged with advanced alloy are solid enough to support such a heavy burden. But such a strong and powerful body are very easy to handle because of its inside intelligent operating systems. The operating systems package, aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain vehicles’ balance. Users can control Airwheel by tilting its body in different directions. The control skills are user friendly and easy to learn.

With Airwheel electric motor, you can have a “Just for You” Tour. New age is full of new products. “Just for you” tour is one of them, which fulfils the every different needs of customers. If you love exciting adventure, you go for a hunting tour, going fishing hunting buffalo, training and actual combat with wild animals and so on. If you are chasing for relax, you can have a healthy tour, which includes drinking herb tea, eating medicine diet, experience a personal physical examination and building up your body. Your idea always comes true with Airwheel intelligent scooter.

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As of now, Airwheel electric mobility scooter occupies 60% market share in the country where it was born. These all result from the user-oriented enterprise philosophy of Airwheel intelligent scooter.

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