Airwheel S8 Mini Smart Scooter Is Fit For Long-Distance Journey

05 Sep

05, September 2016: For long, intelligent scooters are accepted by a minority of people. It is deemed as a vehicle for short-distance commuting. But Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter, integrating technology and science, is introduced in 2016 to the public market for urban daily commuters.

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Once, the electric scooter is only accepted by a minority of people. Now, as a popular transport vehicle, it is well-received among white collars and students. Riding a scooter to travel around is one of the best leisure activities. Nowadays, the whole world advocates low-carbon and green travel. Then, Airwheel intelligent power scooter is the top choice. It eases the traffic congestion to some degree and improves the efficiency of short-distance commuting. However due to some restrictions, the eco and low-carbon product has not come into widespread use like bikes and electromobiles. To break down the barriers in the scooter market, Airwheel launched another revolutionary product in 2016. That is S8 two wheel electric walkcar.


The change of riding posture

The most eye-catching feature of Airwheel S8 is its change of riding posture. Traditional self-balancing scooters require a standing posture but long-time of standing leads to fatigue. However, Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving. S8 double-wheels electric scooter with a saddle, could be operated in a sitting posture or standing posture. The center of gravity is shifted from legs and it makes riding more comfortable. The device is crafted for women to park with two feet touching the ground easily.


Unique design

Adopting the Cassinian curve design concept, Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter is simple and faddish in externality, interpreting the beauty of art via unique design. For a better control experience in standing posture, and for a better load capacity, the seat’s operating rod is designed in C shape. It selects two 10 inch wheels enabling S8 to adapt to more road conditions, with brilliant traffic ability.

Integrating innovation and technology, Airwheel electric mobility scooter perfectly resolves the troubles in long-distance movement. It refines every detail and puts riders’ safety in the first place. Airwheel has successfully introduced intelligent power scooters to the public market for urban daily commuters.

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