Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled motorized skateboard, the Shiniest Star in CES, America

22 Jan

22, January 2016: In CES on January 6th, many manufacturers attended the show with their best and latest products. electric scooter has been a new trend in the automobile powered by electricity due to its lower cost, portable size and weight and the mature technology of Li-ion battery. Lots of famous brands also bring their electric scooter to visitors. The usage of Li-ion battery is the future trend due to its features of environmentally-friendly and the long life cursing power. Many manufacturers devote themselves to the work of developing the new product and innovating since they all hope to be the first to own the technology.


Among them, Airwheel Z3 becomes the star due to its newly-design shape, portability and easy operation. The height of the handle can be adjusted, which is suitable for riders of all heights to hold. Besides, the battery can also be changed easily, so users never worry about the lack of power on the half way. The small size tyres with straight line can save the space of parking and hold the ground firmly. The self-balancing 2 wheels scooter is fordable, so it is easy to put it into the trunk, which is convenient to carry.


Besides, the frame made of magnalium can resist water and snow. So users can ride Airwheel Z3 no matter in the rainy day or snowy day without the worrying of damaging the 2 wheel scooter. The material is also strong enough to resist general shock or small crash. Besides,the material is also of light weight, so users are easy to pick it up or put it into the trunk. Airwheel Z3 can be folded in many parts, the handle and pedals can both be folded which can save more space.

As soon as Airwheel Z3 appears in the CES, it attracts the attention of many visitors. Visitors are satisfied with the newly-designed product due to its shiny, beautiful shape, strong power, light weight and fordable feature. The electric scooter is the shiniest star in the show.

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