Airwheel Z5 2-Wheeled scooters for kids, Your Best Gift to Your Father

05 Sep

05, September 2016: Most of us are in a movie every day. And there is only one line in the movie script—Dad. This line means a lot. “Dad” means the most generous love of dad to you. So now we have grown up, we should give our dads the best gifts they deserve. Here an option for this gift will be introduced to you. The gift is Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter.

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Indeed, there is a long movie in your life. There is only one line in the movie script—Dad. How many times you called your dad and he stood in front of you bringing you the greatest joy you ever have. How many times you were in troubles, and the first word flashing in your mind was “Dad”. And how many times you were going to challenge something, and when you called your dad, his smile told you that he would be your backup. As the greatest man in our life, he deserves our best gifts. And Airwheel Z5 2 wheel electric scooter is one of the most desirable gifts for dads.


Airwheel Z5 gives our dads the most challenging yet safe and comfortable riding experience. The front tire is pneumatic tire, and the rear tire is solid tire. Also, shock absorption system has been added into the front wheel to ensure the smooth riding of Z5. Out of safety, Airwheel Z5 electric walkcar is equipped with bell, headlight and intelligent brake taillight.


For a cutting-edged travel equipment, the electric scooter is to improve riders’ experience, instead of excessively upgrade the configuration and performance. Maximum range 20km, and top speed of 20km / h, a foldable frame, light item weight. We think such kind of electric scooter with more balanced configuration can better meet the most people's daily needs. Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooter gives our dads the most distinguished riding experience. Of course, there is bigger budget, or there are special needs, Airwheel Z5 also prepares another reasonable solution.

Our dads have gave us the best they have. And now it’s our turn to give them the best gift. Let them know “Son” or “Daughter” means as much as “Dad”. So bring him an Airwheel Z5 and give your father surprises!

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