Airwheel Z5 2-Wheeled Skateboards Electrictre at Men and Women Alike

07 Sep

09, September 2016: Most people will hold the same opinion that some of the personal transporting vehicles are not reasonable in design. Tall or short, fat or slim, male or female, each of us has different demands. For this point, Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter will give us an equal treatment.

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Normally women do not have the advantages in strength. Sometimes, some girls with slim and short stature will feel sad when they are not able to reach the pedals of some vehicles or lift the folding electric vehicles. For instance, self-balancing electric scooters becomes very popular. Some of them manipulated by legs are hard to control. Let alone those cute girls. However, Airwheel, the industry-leading manufacture of intelligent electric equipment, seems to be the savior and its vehicles are all highly praised.


Whether you are a quiet girl or a handsome boy, you will like the electric standing scooter, Airwheel Z5, coated with black and white. Made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, Z5 razor electric scooter seems to be extremely graceful and capable. Convex handle,combined with curve shaped operating arm,provides enough space for the hands.The S profile is a very charming and comfortable design for Z5. Only weighing 13.15kg, it can be folded within few seconds. Even if you are a slim girl, you can be able to lift it upstairs or downstairs. Besides, the left-right separated pedals with anti-skidding lines and sole-like shape are a good application of ergonomics.

Good news for female is the adjustable operating rod. Riders can lower or raise the operating rod to the height they feel most comfortable. When she has her boyfriend, they can ride it for traveling or they can ride it to go to work. The maximum of 20km/h and 162.8Wh’s battery capacity of Z5 2 wheel electric scooter for adults are enough for daily trip.


Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter also adopts the replaceable battery packages. As we know, for most of the electric vehicles, their battery is always installed inside the product so it becomes very difficult to change battery for girls. And surprisingly, it is equipped with a high-efficient USB interface that can charge your smart phone.

After you own an Airwheel Z5 electric scooter, you will enjoy free and comfortable life.

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