Airwheel Z5 2016 new Electric Drift Hoverboard, a Considerate Gift To Parents.

23 Sep

23, September 2016: Parents, especially the Asian parents, who are influenced by oriental cultures, always contribute all to their children. Now when their children become adults, it is the time for children to take care of parents and try to spend more time with them. Besides, children can also buy them a certain traveling tool to assist traveling for senior citizens and Airwheel Z5 smart electric scooter for sale is a good choice.

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Today, with the improvement of material life, the old would rather choose to go out for travelling rather than to stay at home after retirement. However, physical limitation becomes a barrier because their bodies are not as healthy and strong as those of the young people. An Airwheel Z5 electric scooter can effectively solve this issue. It can help old people enjoy themselves to the full without consuming too much strength. A storm of intelligent products has swept all over the world. Hi-tech products have integrated into people’s life. In the intelligent age, Airwheel Z5 will bring an intelligent way of life to the public.


Unlike learning X series that Rider needs a skilled assistant at side. The assistant is proficient in riding X series and familiar with the guidelines for the use of scooters in all matters needing attention and riding method, learning Z5 personal electric scooter is much easier only by yourself, as Z5 is controlled by the accelerator in the handlebar, other than by the change of gravity center. Airwheel Z5 has double wheel hubs which can be easily learned compared to traditional electric unicycles. Z5 folding electric bike seems to be the best option in terms of the operation and safety. Just standing on the pedals, the senior citizens will find it pretty easy to operate.

Moreover, Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter adopts internationally branded lithium-ion battery that guarantees a more stable performance. 13.15kg item weight and triple folding system of Z5 enables individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car. Out of safety, Airwheel Z5 is equipped with bell, headlight and intelligent brake taillight.


Z5 offers the elderly a safe way of transportation and helps them enjoy their twilight years. It is never too late to express love to our parents. Why not start from buying them an Airwheel Z5?

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