ALPHA PET SERVICES Expanding Services and Area Served

07 Jan

Owner Denise Outen, with over 30 years in the pet care industry, has formed Alpha Pet Services to meet the needs of dog owners in the eastern Charlotte Metro area. This new area includes: South Park, Matthews, Mint Hill, Midland and much of western Union County.

Services offered are PET WALKING, PET SITTING, TRAINING, and BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. These services are offered individually or can be combined into special “packages” to meet your individual needs.

Denise’s past work experiences as a trainer and behavioral specialist, veterinary assistant, and animal control / rescue officer enable her to provide your pet the best of care and training.

Why Choose Alpha Pet Services?

First and foremost Denise cares about your pet and you. Establishing a bond with both of you is very important. Even the most calm of pets can change their behavior and habits when the family is not home. When she enters your home, her experience will ensure that your pet and home are safe.

Her background as a veterinary assistant enables her to note any changes in your pet’s health or condition that may require veterinary treatment or care. She is also capable of administering any medications that are necessary.

Behavior and training experience allows her to recognize any stress or behavior issues that may arise. She can also offer training and suggestions to correct the problem.

Her Dog Walking Service allows your dog to exercise and relive himself during your long workday.  The extra activity and companionship help alleviate behavioral problems such as destructive chewing or separation anxiety. You can also use this service for shopping trips or cheering on your favorite team during game day.

Denise’s training programs are individualized for your dog and any problems that need corrected or modified.

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Contact info - Denise Outen, 704-506-0842, [email protected]