People who are overweight are always on the lookout for easy remedies that could help them lose weight without tough diet and exercise regimens. Capsicum extract is one such remedy that seems to be gaining a lot of attention in recent times. As a result, the internet is full of capsicum extract reviews and many brands are offering capsicum supplements.

The blog of Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular doctor and health expert, has several articles on the subject. Other reputed sites like WebMD have also listed several uses of capsicum based medicinal products and supplements.

The main ingredient in these medicines and supplements is called capsaicin, which is said to provide all its benefits. Capsaicin is present in most varieties of capsicum, the vegetable that is popularly known as red pepper or chili pepper.

WebMD lists several well-documented uses of capsaicin. The substance is reported to help in the control of illnesses of the digestive tract, such as, pain, cramps and diarrhea. It is also reported to be useful in cases of circulatory disorders, problems with blood vessels and blood clotting. People with high cholesterol levels are also reported to benefit from it.

When used externally, capsicum extract is also said to help with pain relief such as toothache, muscle spasms, different types of headaches, hay fever, throat pain, etc.

Capsicum extract is available as capsules for internal use and as topical creams and gargles for external use. For weight loss, The Oz Blog recommends taking capsicum internally.

Mechanism of action:

According to The Oz Blog, thermogenesis caused by capsaicin increases metabolism and makes the body burn fat faster. The blog also quotes studies which show that over 40% increase in fat oxidation can be achieved by capsaicin.

Another popular website selling capsicum extract products says that thermogenesis caused by capsaicin and the resulting increased metabolism and energy expenditure causes temporary lowering of blood sugar levels. As a result, the body converts glycogen to glucose to restore blood sugar. This causes healthy weight loss.

Another site quotes Diet Choices, the diet review website, as saying that substances inducing thermogenesis are effective for weight loss only when combined with regular exercise. The site also mentions some nutritionists who have expressed doubts regarding the advisability of this kind of weight loss and its suitability as a long-term solution.

How Capsicum Extract Is Used:

The Oz Blog recommends the intake of 200 mg of the active substance an hour before doing exercises that are aimed at building lean muscle. While cautioning readers that taking larger doses could result in indigestion, the blog also recommends that readers buy good quality supplements from reputed sources only. Capsicum extract supplements are easily available online and also in medical stores.

The Oz Blog also mentions some other benefits of capsicum extract. Capsaicin is reported to help reduce appetite, have antioxidant properties and improve circulation. Some other websites also make claims about it reducing the risks of cancer, controlling blood sugar, etc. However, these could not be verified from authoritative sources.

Safety, Contraindications And Interactions Of Capsaicin:

The Oz Blog says that capsaicin being used as a food ingredient for centuries is safe except for people who have blood clotting disorders, stomach ulcers and acid reflex problems.

WebMD clearly cautions against taking capsicum supplements during pregnancy and breast feeding. There are confirmed reports that some infants suffered skin inflammation when their mothers took foods that were rich in capsicum. Use of capsicum products in any manner for small children is also unsafe.

Capsaicin is known to interact with medicines which retard blood clotting. This can result in enhanced effect and bleeding. The absorption of the drug Theophylline, which is used for asthma, is also enhanced due to capsaicin. This can result in higher than intended effects and can also cause more side-effects.

Information provided by many reputed websites seems to indicate that capsicum extract provides a lot of benefits including weight loss benefits. However, most of them also recommend checking with a doctor before starting or altering any diet or exercise program. Many positive capsicum extract reviews are also available on the web, but the reliability of the claims could not be immediately confirmed.


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