AMAZING NUDES is calling for nude art photographers

07 Mar

A new book of photographs displaying the works of the finest group of nude art photographers around the world is scheduled to be in the hands of more than a hundred art gallery directors, art buyers and editors of magazines around the world by autumn of 2014, and photographers are now invited to submit applications.

Millions of nude photos can be seen everywhere, but only a few of them can be actually called “amazing.” The new picture book AMAZING NUDES is a handpicked collection of the world´s most amazing nude art photography. It showcases the most talented photographers.

“Applications are open via our website at to both amateur and professional photographers, and those selected to be included in the book will build up their reputation as international photographer,” said the publishers of AMAZING NUDES.

Only approved photographers will be published in the art book, meaning photographers will be selected via a competition in which the best photographer will be honoured with the prestigious “AMAZING NUDES PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2014”.

The application process is free, but those photographers who come out on top will be charged a fee to be included in the book. This financial contribution will take care of two full pages showcasing the individual best works and contact information.

The picture book will be orderable online and in every local book store. More than 100 free copies will be sent to selected art galleries, museums, magazine editors and art curators of more than 20 nations. All published photographers will get a free copy of the book (free shipping).

For further information, please contact:
Phone: +4928712345969
E-mail: [email protected]