Amazingtranscript Launches Transcription Anew for Multiple Niches

11 Jan

Amazingtranscript, a pathfinder in super quality and accurate audio transcription service has unveiled a spectrum of services customized to suit myriad industries. Their services provide definitive, accurate, wallet-friendly transcriptions meeting varying needs. Moreover, Amazingtranscript not only offers audio and video file transcription but also caters for podcast transcription, MP3 transcription and much more. Transcripts can be routed in different formats.

With a mass-network of human transcribers and smooth workflow facilitated by cutting-edge technology, Amazingtranscript gives secure, confidential, accurate and inexpensive transcriptions. It also gives the fastest turnaround schedules surpassing industry standards.

With the evolving landscape of post-modern technology, Amazingtranscript stays at the vanguard of high-end transcription solutions.  Dozens of globally-renowned brands have entrusted high-level projects to Amazingtranscript. They countersign 100% accuracy, premium quality and swift turnaround that the modern industries such as law firms, courts and media industries crave.

Their audio transcription method perfectly transforms audio into a stream of readable content. This is the most excellent way to convert and transcribe info for production, carve out subtle subtitles, run origination or reformat for TV shows, film, tutorials, web and much more.

Amazingtranscript adopts highly developed technology to provide premium quality audio transcripts around the world. Global giants and brands across a broad range of industries use Amazingtranscript’s ultramodern services to convert audio or video materials into shareable, search keyword-phrased and readable forms. In addition to impenetrable servers and NDA confidentiality proviso, Amazingtranscript’s also doles out chunks of discounts to its customers. In addition, Amazingtranscript provides impeccable recall and swift scrutiny of crucial content, for example, closed captions, interviews, speeches, boardroom notes, and more.

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