Amber Associates, New head of Sony Ericsson is to take over the U.S division end of the year.

Sony Ericsson who have been one of the hardest hit phone makers over the last year has appointed a new Head of the U.S division.

Sony Ericsson have name Bert Nordberg as their new head after some very disappointing results seeing them lose market share and a their of profitability freefall.

Insiders told Amber Associates of the appointed after hearing that current head Dick Komiyama is leaving the post at the end of the year.

It’s understood by Amber Associates that the main priority of the new head is to get back their lost market share. The past year has seen Sony Ericsson market share fall below 5 percent, Amber Associates is aware of rumors that if the new head doesn’tperform then the partnership between the two companies may end.

After his appointment Nordberg told Amber Associates that it his intention to get market share and to get the company back to profitability within the next 2 years. Nordberg aims to this by restructuring the company and to improve the current product range.

Nordberg also told Amber Associates that he believes the company doesn’tneed much to turn it around and was confident of reaching his targets.

Amber Associates Analyst feel that his remarks are naturally optimistic, as he has just been appointed. The reality of it is that he has a tough task on his hands. Sony Ericsson decline is the most out of all the mobile phone makers and has been severely hit in the economic downturn.

Amber Associates technology correspondent believes that a lot of this is down to them missing other opportunities in the market where the other manufactures hadn’t. If they can widen their product range and make their phones more appealing then they may turn things around. Next year will be a critical year for Sony Ericsson.

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