America’s Only Exclusively Online One Dollar Store launches a New Service

27 Sep

Dollar Fanatic LLC., aka the exclusively Online One Dollar Store launches a new service called based on the 80's slang "Crib" which basically means where you live. The service offers 25% to 75% Off hand-picked deals with Free Shipping to your residence.

Dollar Fanatic LLC., is a Ridge Farm, IL based exclusively online retailer mostly known for being the first and only exclusively Online One Dollar Store at launches a new service called This new service is based on information they learned from their Online One Dollar Store and the 80's slang "Crib" which basically means where you live. Dollar Fanatic LLC learned from their customers that they don't mind paying shipping on $1.00 products as long as the shipping rates aren't high and there is a low threshold Free Shipping option. However they also learned when offering Special Deals they called Fanatic Offers the customers were not very open to paying Shipping, their customers just wanted to know how much it will be delivered to their residence.

The Founder who asked to be referred to as Pierre said, "After talking about what customers wanted and receiving the mixed response to the Special Deals/Fanatic Offers we offered above $1.00 each mostly during the Holiday Season, I figured right away this is an issue we need to address if possible. I actually held this to myself for awhile not wanting to get my team distracted until recently. Being a person influenced strongly by the 80's the name came to me right away, but I was originally afraid it would be a little too cheezy. I know the 80's was all about the cheese, but it's no longer the 80's. At the same time I thought we should get the point across that the Deals on the website would be Delivered prices with no membership required or club to join." itself is not really that old, it officially launched recently in January of 2014 so this is somewhat of a dual startup. Pierre said, "I decided to push to move forward on this project before this Holiday Season, because I didn't want to offer products on for over $1.00 because it created somewhat of a mixed message to new customers not knowing we're an exclusively Online One Dollar Store that just had some special offers. Also we feel it's perfect timing for consumers looking for that unique gift or household item at a low price with no additional obligations like Shipping cost, Memberships, etc. Our plan is to offer 50 to 100 Deals at a time for 25% to 75% Off with free shipping. Some of the Deals will be very limited and replaced with new products as they sell out and some Deals will be restocked often."

Dollar Fanatic invites everyone to check out, also whether you are a Dollar Store Fanatic or not, to check out their exclusively Online $1 Store at Also they are social so you can check them out on Twitter at, Facebook at, Pinterest at, along with other social media platforms.