When you upload a picture in a social media website or at any other place on Internet, it is impossible for other users to change it or customize it the way they want, not even for fun. Now, it is possible to make such changes if you want to. An incredible concept has recently been introduced on Internet that allows you to allow others to have fun with the images you have uploaded on Internet. Some of you might find it pointless but this option is undoubtedly great for anyone who loves having fun with images and photos online.

First Of Its Kind

This picture changing feature is a completely unique idea and first of its kind on the Internet. Literally, there is no other similar service available on Internet. Even if you are not truly web literate, you will find it very easy and a fun to use. Uploading and changing images using this service is very simple and does not take more than just a few clicks of time. The service is incredibly smooth and completely user-friendly.


However, this picture changing idea comes with certain limitations. For example, it only supports three types of image files, including .png, .jpg, and .gif. You will not be able to upload and change a BMP image using this option. Besides that, there is one more catch with this incredible concept - it does not allow you to change the image in different dimensions. It means you can allow others to change your image, but within the same dimension as you had uploaded it in.

How Does It Work?

The process to use this innovative concept is very simple. All it takes is a few clicks of mouse and that’s it. The first step is to upload a picture. It can be an image of any dimension but make sure that the image file you are uploading is compatible ““ it must be .png, .jpg, or .gif. Once the uploading is complete, you are provided with a link to that image. You can link it anywhere you want ““ you can also put it on your website or on your profile in a social networking site or you may even use it as a forum signature image. Now, when a user visits that web page where you have used the link to that image, they will be able to click that image and change it to whatever they want ““ it is just that the new image must carry exactly the same dimensions as the original image. No matter which website, forum, or blog the original image has been hot-linked, the changes are updated instantly.

A history log is also created for every picture change. So, you can keep a track on how people are having fun with your image. You can look at the “change history“ anytime you want to see what has happened to your original image, as the history log contains complete details, such as the type of file, time, and date of upload and change for every image.

Picture changing is new concept, this gives you a freedom to play with the images. Explore more about this feature by visiting the provided link.

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