(Submit Articles) Dear Jim,

I'm sorry to say that I've been reading a few negative reviews of your film
The Limits of Control. "Slow" & "pointless" were the main themes and I just
wanted to say that I think they're wrong! Well they're not wrong neccessarily,
it's just I don't think that these 'reviewers' are grasping the important central tenet
of the film which, in my opinion, is esoteric in nature. I was hign at the time this
occured to me but I still believe it might be true.

I think the film is a kind of visual manual describing the occult practice of
'woolgathering' (as the sufis might say) needed to be performed by a protagonist in
order to accomplish the remarkable feat of actual physical teleportation (if not actual
teleportation then a close enough approximation to make no meaningful difference).

I love the idea expressed by 'the violin' that the wood molecules are still resonating
with every note ever played, that's a wonderful poetry connecting art and science.
It's also, I think, a metaphor for the esoteric 'work' - the creative sorting and refining
of impressions into rarer and rarer 'vibrations' that linger within the self and provide
a viable fulcrum about which the whole world as we know it can be rotated for the
attainment of whatever dubious ends we may have in mind!

I'd like to think it's about handling your world strategically - "not when I'm working" -
in order to distill some powerful essence from reality which can be used to perform
the seemingly impossible; entry into the dark circle. The Chi Gung is a major clue
I think, as are the diamonds, symbolizing the perfection of the self and the tower
which, I think, like in the Tarot, represents the impersonal force of nature which
with proper skill can be harnessed for individual empowerment; although I still
don't fully understand significance of the tower in the film.

I'm writing to you because I feel like I'm the only person who's grasped this essential
truth about The Limits of Control, although I feel like that most of the time about
most things! I also think this is a funny letter and it would be a shame not to post it.

I put this film up there with other great esoteric classics like The Holy Mountain,
Zabriskie Point, Mary Poppins or Stalker. Perhaps, if you have the time, you'd write
back to me either confirming or denouncing my wacky theory.

Yours in creative reverence,

Mat Wigley
AKA: DJ Dinnermoney

p.s. I saw Down by Law when I was 15 (I'm 37 now) and it literally changed my life
(for the better) so thanks for that too. You're the shit as they say.

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